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Holiday 2012: HDSLR Innovations

As 2012 draws to a close, we have the opportunity to take a look back at a year which saw many innovations in the world of HDSLR video. One of the most prominent trends of 2012 has been the continuing blending of still and video acquisition technologies into the same tools.

Holiday 2012: HDSLR 101

Introducing New Porta Brace Bags and Accessories

Like all Porta Brace products, the new additions to the company’s line are proudly crafted in Vermont, and are almost as rugged as the Green Mountains themselves.

HPRC 4050 / 4100 Heavy-Duty Shoulder Cases

When it comes to protecting sensitive photographic, video and audio gear from the trauma of bouncing around trains, planes and automobiles, it's hard to beat the protective qualities of nylon/polymer cases. HPRC, one of the better-known manufacturers of rugged nylon/polymer cases has just introduced a pair of impact-resistant shoulder cases small enough to qualify as carry-on baggage.

The Petrol Inflatable Airline Bag

Traveling with precision camera tools has long been a game of seeing how far one can press airport limits without pushing one button too many of the person behind the ticket counter. Ever tighter carry-on allowances and skyrocketing checked baggage fees have made matters worse.

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