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Unveiled: Phottix Odin II Wireless TTL Flash Triggering System


Updating its flagship wireless flash system, Phottix has just officially unveiled the Odin II TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon and Canon, streamlining the controls and packing in plenty of new features. Of course, it retains the 2.4GHz frequency and 328' range of its predecessor, but manages to expand to five groups and a total of 32 channels—of which channels 5-32 can now use a Digital ID system to eliminate interference even further from other shooters' equipment. Also, the Odin II is compatible with a variety of other Phottix systems, including the original Odin, Strato, Strato II, and Atlas II radio triggers, as well as the Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash and the Indra 500/360 TTL Studio Light. An added bonus is the ability to control the modeling light of Indra series flashes with the Odin II transmitter.

Physically, it received a facelift with the inclusion of direct access buttons for the groups and a rotary dial for fast power adjustment. A new OverDrive Sync (ODS) is also featured, which allows users to achieve shutter speeds of up to 1/8,000-second while using manual studio strobes. Additionally, it has a new quick-lock release mounting system.

The Odin II Transmitters and Receivers are available for Canon and Nikon, with a Sony version expected sometime later this year.


question to all

just bought sony camera alpha 77 m2 (ILCA-77m2) and I am looking for flash trigger for off camera use also I am using sony flashes. does anyone know which model or brand of flash trigger will fit the hotshoe on the model camera.

thanks and regards

Hi Allen,

There are a couple available today. I would recommend the Nissin Air Transmitters and Receivers as you should retain TTL with your Sony flashes

Hi, I have some Phottix Mitros+ for Sony Multi Interface, is it possible to trigger the Mitros+ using Odin II for Canon System?

Thanks :)

Hi Hartawan,

You can trigger the flash in manual mode, but you will not have TTL support.

Feeling ripped off

What I needed
Controller for Sony
Controller for Canon
A controller to have off camera flash w/ occasional ttl
A controller to trigger studio lights

Added bonus
ability to trigger canon speedlights in manual mode or sony lights in manual mode from each camera body

What I should need
One sony controller
One sony receiver
One canon controller
One canon receiver
Optional - Additional receivers for additional studio lights (for me not more than 4 total lights)

Turns out the SONY controller is not only NOT backwards compatible with Strato... but it will not even trigger (TTL or manual) the canon speedlights or my studio lights using the Odin ii canon or Stato canon receivers.

If this product were cross platform (ttl OR manual) capable then I would be able get multi function out of the receivers (one to trigger sony light or studio and one to trigger canon light or studio) giving me at least two non-optical triggered lights for any given shoot.

When switching camera bodies (to my canon) I would also be able to add a Canon controller and everything would work in reverse. But as it stands I would need to swap out all receivers when switching camera bodies. This doesn't happen often but would be worth the price if I only had to purchase an additional controller and not all new receivers as well.

If this product were backwards compatible as advertised then I could purchase multiple less expensive receivers to trigger the studio lights.

FYI - Since I have to swap out controllers and receivers with Phottix then I am better off with going full manual for all shoots and using a cowboy studio system. Yes I'll have slightly less range but at least I can control everything with both bodies for less than the cost of the Phottix controller alone.

Can you connect to a Nikon SB-900 with a cable instead of sliding in the hot shoe.  If so, what type of cable?

Hi Jerry,

You wouldn't be able to get TTL, but the simplest way would be to use a 3.5mm to PC sync cable.

I have a Question, If I have Phottix Odin for Sony, we can use receiver Odin for Canon?, so I need know if I can use in manual mode, I will use flash Canon (Receiver Odin for Canon) with transmitter Odin for Sony, its possible?

Hi Tolja01,

Unfortunately these systems are not cross compatible. I checked with the manufacturer on this and you will require a Sony Receiver for a Sony Transmitter. If you want to use them in manual though, a Canon flash should work in a simple triggering mode with the Multi Interface Shoe. I have put a Canon flash on my a7R II and had it fire (no TTL of course though).

Do I have to have and use the Odin II Receiver with the Odin II transmitter or can I use the Odin Strato TTL, and the Strato II Receivers?

Hi Alfred,

For full compatibility you should use both the Odin II Receiver and Transmitter, though there is some cross compatibility with the older systems. See below:

For the Odin II Transmitter: TTL information transmission is possible with Odin TTL receiver, Mitros+ flash, and Indra360/500 TTL lights while manual triggering is possible with Strato and Strato II receivers

For the Odin II Receiver: Can be triggered using the Odin II and original Odin transmitter as well as with the Mitros+ transceiver flash with full TTL support

For Clarification.. I have the Stratos TTL recievers for Nikon.. If I purchase the ODIN II trasmitter, can I get TTL control and full manual control (e.g having the ability to set the odin to manual mode and stop the flash up or down stops in increments) using the Stratos TTL recievers, or do I simply get the ability to just trigger the flash.

Hi Darren,

With that setup you would not receive TTL control or full manual control, but manual triggering will be possible.

Can these also control studio strobe.... is there a dumb PC outled on the receiver? Would be nice to have a product that does both for half the price of PocketWizards.

Hi David,

The receivers have a 3.5mm sync port, which means you could use a 3.5mm to PC sync cable to connect the receiver to a strobe or monolight.

Why is the new Sony platform always a secondary consideration in Phottix view? No Mitros+ flash kit, no Odin II, no Mitros+/Odin combo, always behind in production, etc.

Hello Arnel,

As a Sony shooter I agree that many systems appear to ignore Sony's flash system, or simply come out with it later. It is not necessarily that they have it as a secondary consideration, but the relative newness of the system means there is less experience with developing and producing the necessary parts for this type of system. Nikon and Canon have had third-party flash development for many, many years, and so making compatible devices is much easier. Sony is new, and only a few years at this point with the Multi-Interface Shoe, and as such proper third-party support is catching up. It will come in time, but will require some patience.

Isn't the Sony system based on the Minolta, as the old Minolta hotshoe digital flashes are still compatible with the current Sony system via an adapter?  If the original Phottix Odin worked on the Minolta hotshoe and even on the new Sony Multi-interface shoe with an adapter, isn't it just a matter of making programming updates to the Odin II same as for Nikon and Canon?

Hi Art,

Hopefully I'm not misunderstanding you but I hope this response helps. Yes, the Sony TTL protocols are based on the older Minolta system. Thd original Odin with its Minolta shoe should be compatible via an adapter. The Odin II on the other hand is a brand new product with new manufacturing concerns. With the Nikon and Canon they likely are able to use more readily available feet that support their respective TTL systems. With the new Sony however, it will have the newer Multi Interface Shoe, and manufacturing the new shoe with its assorted pins and very different design likely requires additional effort. It is not as simple as a software update, this is likely more of a hardware manufacturing concern.