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Unveiled: Zylight's Upgraded F8 LED Fresnel


Zylight announced the addition of a new and improved F8 LED Fresnel, at NAB, on 4/7/14. Not content with last year's awards, the company hunkered down to outdo themselves by squeezing even better performance out of an already great design.

Initial improvements include a boost in output from a 650W tungsten equivalent to 1,000W while still drawing just 100W. This new F8 also features a slightly smaller form factor, breaking down to a compact 4" thick versus the earlier model's 4.6" thickness.

A new silent heat sink design yields 20% better cooling, allowing the yoke mount to be angled to a more extreme 90 degrees when stand-mounting. Single-knob yoke adjustment, as well as single-knob auto-locking focus makes for faster on-set reaction times, while DMX control, onboard from the previous F8, is now self-terminating and one less detail to fret over. You can also control the light with a Zylight remote via its built-in 9-channel 2.45GHz Zylink wireless link from distances up to 33' away. Available in 5600K daylight or 3200K tungsten, the new F8 boasts high CRIs of 95+ and 97+, respectively, with wide 16 - 70° variable spot-to-flood coverage  via an 8" Schott glass lens.

Equally at home in any studio in the world, with main current from 120–240V AC, 50/60Hz, the F8 takes to the field powered by 14.4VDC V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries. And it can take a beating there, too, due to its IP54-rated design that withstands moisture or water splashing from any direction. The new F8 is currently available in a stand-mount version with a 5/8" receiver.

Please check back for pricing and availability