Apple Desktops For Designers


For serious designers, Apple’s Mac desktops offer powerful, all-in-one performance capable of bringing any task to life. Thanks to multiple configuration options, including choices on RAM, SSD drive, screen size, and connectivity options, there’s a Mac for every level of user.

iMac and iMac Pro

For most designers, either the iMac or iMac Pro will be an excellent solution. Featuring hi-res graphics, a ton of storage and RAM, and plenty of options for connecting additional accessories and peripherals—a graphics tablet, for example—the iMac is a must-have resource for most designers.


As their names suggest, the two iterations of iMac—the “standard” version and the Pro—represent different levels of capability, based largely on their hardware specifications. Depending on your needs, you can customize your iMac to include graphics up to Retina 5K, screen sizes up to 27", 64GB of RAM (128GB on the Pro) and, with some models, an SSD with up to 3TB of memory (4TB on the Pro). Regardless of what configuration you choose, the iMac also features multiple USB and Thunderbolt™ 3 ports, so you will have plenty of room to add external drives, connect accessories, and more. Because of their impressive specs and performance, iMacs have become staples in most design firms.

Mac Pro

Another solution for more demanding designers is the Mac Pro which, like the iMac Pro, is more powerful than the standard iMac desktop. If you work with motion and photos or are a graphic designer for whom color accuracy is critical, the Mac Pro is for you.

Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computer

With its fast processor, dual graphics cards, and ability to handle multiple screens, the Mac Pro is a flexible and customizable option. And, since graphic designers tend to work with larger files, a fast processor like the Mac Pro’s is critical. Thanks to the Mac Pro’s faster processor, increased RAM, and SSD drive, graphic applications open in seconds.

Video-editing applications tend to use a lot of RAM and, with the Mac Pro, you can add up to 64GB of RAM. The Mac Pro has six Thunderbolt™ 2 ports and four USB 3.0 ports. Thunderbolt ports allow you to use one for storage, daisy-chaining up to six drives, giving you up to 20 GB/s, connect three monitors, and still have ports left over. If you need to work in 4K, dual AMD FirePro graphics processors give you the capability to run eight picture-in-picture streams of 4K video at once.

Graphics Tablets

Often a must-have for designers of all types is a Wacom tablet. For ultimate control, Wacom makes the Cintiq and Cintiq Pro tablets that come in multiple size variations. Their touch screens are pressure sensitive to allow you to edit images directly using the Pro Pen. You can also touch to pan, zoom, rotate, or activate on-screen controls.

Wacom 15.6" MobileStudio Pro 16 Graphics Tablet