HP Presents: Desktop vs. Workstation


Desktop versus workstation – who knew there was even anything to argue about? The fact is, a desktop and a workstation are used for very different workflows. You could be overspending for one that you don’t need, or cutting your budget for something that may be obsolete before the year is out. But what is a good gauge for you? Here’s a brief infographic to help you out.


 10 yers ago, My ideea was to replace my descktop workstation  with a laptop mobile workstation. I built my descktop and was perfect. I was the first in Canada and US with blu ray for wedings video. An technician fron Canada Computers tell me to stay away from HP and to buy a Lenovo mobile workstation, but the only workstaion was HP Elitte Book ($3.200). I bought this laptop from Direct Dial. I tested the videocard and FAILED. Firect Dial replace the laptop with another brand new. Video card Failed again, and I returned to my descktop. 2 yers ago, my deram to work with mobile workstation was comming again, and I bought from B&H Z Book 17 ($2,300). This laptop was out of work from the begining. HP, after 30 days, replace all in this Z Book, only the case was original. HP replaced the laptop with a new, but was out of work. Again they changed all (CPU, motherbord- 4 times- videocard-3 times- HDD, LCD, Fan, etc.). The computer was down after 3 days. HP was also in my house and they replace the defective computer with a REFURBISHED G2. The computer was DOWN after one day. They replace the motherbord again. After replaced the motherbord and videocard HP Z Book G2 17 was also down. They replace the computer with an another G2 HP. Also down. Mss Fontana send to me another HP, number 5 and after 3 days was DOWN. HP came to my house and replace the mother board, but the computer again was down. What can I do? I remember teh advise of a good technician from Canada Computers: "Do not buy an HP". Hp now want to send me another REFURBISHED Z Book, to repet my history again. What is an mobile workstation? I bought an Lenovo P50 to replace for my work with an new workstation, and I can not belive (case at Lenovo), Motherbord is Failed, and they want to replace the motherbord!!!??? I return to B&H the laptop to be replaced with an new. I hope will be good, I hope. Tell me: What can I do? Whay the company who built this mobile workstations take my money? I am a good videographer, and I know the computers software and hardware, but now I am out of my work. Ticu Isari Tel: 407 960 8410.  

Hi Ticu, 

I'm sorry to hear the hardship you've experienced.  HP and Lenovo workstations are generally quite good and reliable in our experience.  I've no idea how or why your computers kept failing.  But at the very least, the manufacturers are attempting to correct the issue by repairing and replacing your parts/computers.  This would be the first time I've heard of all these issues with HP or Lenovo.  But with the experience you've had, maybe consider Dell or MSI workstations.




Just buy a GOOD UPS for a good power supply ( 700+ wt) . Looks like your electricity jumps up and down like crazy.

I bought more then 40 desktop and laptop computers from HP, DELL, Sony, Toshiba Satellite, ZT and Lenovo for my business in the last 15 years and they all work great for at least 4 years. Simple trick - buy powerfool UPS.

All the best

David Alishayev. 


All my computers are conected to UPS. This is the first mode to open an computer and to work, for professionals. Do not forget, I am videographer and fotographer for: RED CROSS Canada, First Nationes, for most important Embassys from Ottawa Canada, Second cup, Rotary International, and I built 3 tv stations. I made 500 weddings, and I was the first from this Continent with the blu-ray dvd and filming in HD.

PS: All my TV transmiters are conected to UPS. The first UPS, perfect UPS, was Made in Romania (Electronica Bucharest), best from the world. The UPSs, from US, Made in China is good, but not the best.

Ticu Isari