Refresh Your Computer by Cleaning Up Its Software


Once a year—mostly during the spring season—we normally perform a set of cleaning tasks that streamlines our daily lives. This may include cleaning the home thoroughly to improve our health, tuning up the car to achieve better pep when stepping on the accelerator, and clearing out the garage or attic of junk to make more space. But what about our computer, this thing that we use most of our lives for work or pleasure? Moreover, how about the smartphones that we can’t live without? These devices have software that needs to be checked once or twice a year, so they can run longer, operate faster, and store more digital content. To help you with this task, let me tell you about several software programs that are designed to offer simple-to-complete maintenance throughout the year. After that has been accomplished, there are also applications for assisting you in organizing multimedia files or slimming down hi-res images by up to 80% while keeping near-original quality.

What is the registry?

It’s where preferences and settings are stored for applications and the operating system. The registry becomes littered with old data when you uninstall applications. If you want your computer to run efficiently, you’ll need to clear these dated entries, which can prompt error messages and slow the system down. First in the roundup is CCleaner Professional, which speeds up Windows-based computers. This software program cleans the operating system’s registry by removing errors and disabling unneeded programs that can cause system slowdowns or crashes. For an improved Internet experience, CCleaner Professional eliminates tracking cookies and history from web browsers. Also, it lets you defrag hard drives for quicker access times by moving fragmented data closer together. On an important note—you should never defrag a computer with an SSD; because unlike a hard drive that stores data on a spinning platter, SSDs with trim support automatically optimize the stored data on their memory chips, letting them operate at peak performance. Also, since NAND chips have a limited number of write cycles, defragging an SSD shortens its lifespan. To clean up a greater number of systems instead of just PCs, let us move on to another app.

Piriform CCleaner Professional One Household

Sniffing Out Duplicate Content

For tuning up a wide variety of gear with each one running on a different operating system, AVG Performance offers a suite of apps that is designed for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. These apps offer all the same features as the above program while including the ability to deliver additional digital storage space. With a Clean Up feature, your system can now find your bad, blurry, poorly-lit, or nearly-identical pics automatically, so you can review and delete them. This feature can also sniff out other types of duplicate content on Macs and PCs, including movies, documents, music, folders, and more. Aside from adjusting settings and removing digital media, AVG Performance can switch off the device’s unnecessary internal hardware components to reduce battery consumption, allowing you to use it longer. Did you know that malware can also affect your equipment’s performance? Of course you did, which is why you can get a complete package that delivers all the same abilities while safeguarding your device.

AVG Performance

Managing Multimedia

Rounding off the list of clean-up programs are Kaspersky’s Total Security 2017 and AVG’s Ultimate 2017 to guard all your devices from spyware, adware, and viruses. These types of malware can disrupt operations, allow unauthorized access to your computer, slow down Internet-access speeds, and cause freezing situations. With Kaspersky or AVG by your side, your systems can experience the same benefits from the previous two programs and now check each individual file for harmful coding, which hampers its performance. Furthermore, each of the programs can permanently delete files so that other people can’t get their hands on your sensitive stuff. Once your system is clean, we can now move from software designed for system optimization and focus on apps for better management of multimedia content—which typically takes up most of your drive’s capacity—so you can spend less time cleaning up next year.

AVG Ultimate 2017

Let’s not forget your photo library

Mylio helps you organize your images by giving you the ability to sync and view your entire photo library on all your gear. With different storage capacities on your desktop, smartphone, and laptop, it creates Thumbnail, Preview, and Original-quality file types that can be assigned to systems having various storage sizes, such as 16GB, 256GB, or 1TB. Syncing all your devices with Mylio provides you with a function that lets you delete unwanted images on one device, and then, all other connected devices will automatically delete the same unneeded images. You can also assign keywords, star ratings, colors, and flags to search for images faster and mroe easily. Mylio reads this metadata—including keywords and location—to speed up display and allow for searches, no matter which device you’re using. If you wish to learn more about Mylio, there’s an informative article that you can read the B&H Explora article, Getting to Know Mylio Photographic Management Software.

MYLIO Photo Organization Software

Last, but not least, JPEGmini Photo is a much-needed program for photographers, as well as people who have tens of thousands of JPEG images. Without affecting the file’s native perceptual quality, JPEGmini reduces a typical JPEG image file by up to 80%. It utilizes a process that examines the quality of the JPEG image to find out much compression is possible without a visual difference between the original file and the compressed file when viewed at an 100% zoomed rate or printed with a 200-dpi setting on photo-quality paper. This compression technique enables you to store more precious memories on an SSD, which offers less storage capacity than a similarly priced hard drive.

JPEGmini Photo Optimization Software

Now that we have gone through all the different programs, let me know which one you prefer. Or even yet, would you prefer a start-from-scratch method, which involves wiping the drives completely and then reinstalling all your apps and data?

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