Infographic: the HP OMEN Pro Mobile Workstation



Has HP ever figured out how to make a laptop run cool? Every highend HP I have ever owned (I now have 2) has chronic overheating problems. It's all well and good to make a great (serious) graphics box, but all the tricks in the world for file handling and speed mean nothing if the box runs hot! Apple seems to have solved this issue...what are the odds that HP will follow suit? Also, is 4K on the HP horizon?

Hi -

HP has not shared their future plans regarding 4K workstations.  I think it's just a matter of time before 4K becomes common though.  As far as the design of their products go - please contact HP directly if you have concerns regarding heat generation and dissipation.

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Will this computer meet the present and future graphic/video requirements of Adobe and On1 software requirements?

The specs certainly indicate that it would although the amount of ram is not specified.  A minimum of 16 gig is recommended or more.  The only downside is that the display is not very hi resolution such as in my Macbook Pro with Retina screen.

Hi Bob -

This mobile workstation is a powerful workhorse and nicely outfitted to meet or exceed your editing workflow in Adobe and On1 software suites for several years to come.  Unfortunately it is impossible to know what changes will occur in the OS and in these editing programs.  I am not aware of any technology that can be characterized as futureproof.  But who knows...maybe one day...

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:  [email protected]