Pandigital's Extreme Photo Frames


Pandigital has a pair of products that push the limits of digital photo frames. One is an 8-inch frame with its own e-mail address that receives images via a cellular phone network, bypassing the need for a computer or a Wi-Fi setup.



The other is a wide 32-inch frame, about as large as digital picture frames come. The former is the Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame (above); the latter, Pandigital's 32" Digital Photo Frame.

You can share photographs with a loved one who owns the Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame almost as quickly as you take them. You can e-mail photos directly to the frame from a camera-equipped cell phone or any Internet-connected computer. The Photo Mail service uses AT&T's EDGE network and is available in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame is ready for use out of the box and doesn't require a computer or Wi-Fi setup. Each frame has a pre-assigned e-mail address, so you can start to e-mail images immediately from a computer, smart phone or a social networking or photo-sharing site. The frame makes an ideal gift for grandparents who don't live nearby.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the frame is $180, but click through to the B&H shopping site to see the B&H price. The frame price includes the ability to receive 300 photos e-mailed to the frame with no service fee to the frame owner. Additional photo allotments can be purchased directly from Pandigital: 100 for $9.99, 400 for $29.99, and 700 for $49.99.

If you prefer to use the Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame to display images from an inserted memory card or over a home Wi-Fi network, the frame is flexible enough to accommodate them, too. There's an embedded 6-in-1 card reader for CF, SD, XD, MS/MS Pro and MMC formats. You can also plug in a USB storage device. And the frame is Wi-Fi-compatible via an add-on wireless adapter. It's also Bluetooth compatible.

The Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame is an LED-backlit LCD display with a resolution of 800- by 600-pixels. The frame contains 1 Gigabyte of internal memory for storing images. Pictures can be rotated and resized; the brightness and color setting can be adjusted. Besides JPEG files, the frame can play AVI video clips and MP3 music files. A remote control is included.

When single-digit diagonals don't measure up in size to the type of impression you'd like to see on a digital photo frame, consider supersizing with Pandigital's 32" Digital Photo Frame (left). Sporting a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and a 16:10 aspect ratio, the PAN3200DW comes with 256 Megabytes of internal memory for storing approximately 256 images.

There's a built-in, 6-in-1reader that supports CF, SD, MMC, MS, MSPro, and XD memory card formats. The picture frame displays JPEG photos and the following video formats: Motion-JPEG, AVI and MPEG-1/2/4 (480p maximum resolution). It also supports MP3 files, so you can run a slideshow with music.

There's a USB port for plugging in content, whether you're using a USB storage device or a camera. Alternatively, the USB port can accommodate an optional Wi-Fi adapter. Bluetooth is also supported. Images can be rotated, zoomed, resized and copied. The frame offers clock, calendar and alarm capabilities.

Pandigital is pitching the PAN3200DW to people who want an amply sized display without the complications or expense of hooking up a computer.