5 Uses for a GeChic Extra Portable Monitor


We could always use a little extra. Some extra money, some extra time—a little extra dessert never hurt anyone. But extras cost, well… extra, and we learn to make do with what we have.

But what if those extras were affordable and really helped you out in real life? Suppose those extras were worth the cost? That extra pocket in your backpack? Worth it, to hold all your stuff. That extra memory card for your tablet? Worth it.

That extra portable monitor? Here are five ways that extra portable monitor makes it worth your while. Today we’re looking at the GeChic 1101P 11.6" IPS Field Monitor. It features HDMI and mini DisplayPort connections, Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution with an IPS 178-degree viewing angle, and an anti-glare coating. It also conveniently includes a tripod–mounting kit to attach it to your tripod or SLR camera, which makes this an excellent choice for the first two suggestions on this list.

1. Video Preview Monitor

You’re out shooting, you’ve invested time and money in your equipment, but you want something more than the tiny 2.6" LCD screen from your camera or camcorder. Bring your laptop? You don’t want to haul all of that equipment around just to preview your shoot—instead, consider bringing a portable monitor. Quick, easy, and uncomplicated, a preview monitor is a great way to view your video professionally. But when the monitor is attached to a tripod via the tripod mount, then it’s readily apparent what a great extra this monitor is. You can have a professional setup in minutes that will increase your productivity and ensure a smoother workflow.

2. Show off Your Photos

Taking photos at a wedding or event, and everyone wants to crowd around your 2" color viewfinder to see how it came out? Hate that. Instead, set up a portable monitor on a side table and let everyone see a slideshow of your photos in progress. Simply take your memory card from the camera and attach it through an external reader (via the micro USB port) and let everyone concentrate on the moment and not on the viewfinder. This where the IPS 178-degree viewing angle also comes in handy—people can see the photos from almost any angle around the screen. And with an 800:1 contrast ratio and 300 cd/m2 brightness, your clients can enjoy seeing their photos displayed brilliantly and vividly utilizing the monitor’s palette of 16.7 million colors.

3. Second Screen for Your Laptop

I love using dual screens when working on Excel sheets or Word documents; it just makes life easier. It also helps when surfing the Web while writing—you don’t have to switch between windows when bringing up your browser. My favorite: watching a video on one screen while attempting to get work done on another. That’s classic procrastination.

4. Netflix and Chill

Attach your tablet via one of the connections and share your Netflix with someone close and cuddly, either on the couch or in bed. When everyone has their own screen and headphone output, it makes sharing a movie that much more enjoyable—it’s better than having someone fighting for viewing domination. Think that’s not a problem? Get your two youngest kids to share a screen and see what happens. This also works great in the car as a second screen for long road trips.

5. Expand Your Phone Size

Want to share Facebook videos or posts with someone, but don’t want their grubby little hands on your expensive new smartphone? Simply hook your smartphone up and let them view from a distance. Remember kids, look with your eyes, not your hands. Also great for viewing photos from your phone and finally seeing all the details you would have missed on a smaller screen.

Those are five quick, easy uses for a portable monitor. Another plus for this monitor is that it can be powered via USB (it’s only a 2-amp power draw) so you can easily use a variety of optional USB battery packs when out in the field shooting video or taking photos. At only 0.4" thick and weighing 3.25 lb, the GeChic 1101P is worth its weight in convenience—and is cheaper and lighter than hiring an assistant.