New ASUS G74SX-A1/A2 Gaming Notebooks


Gaming, on the PC platform, used to be reserved for desktop systems. Notebook computers simply weren’t powerful enough. But today, notebook computers are more powerful than they need to be even for high-end gaming. A good example is the ASUS G74SX, available in two trim levels, the G74SX-A1 and G74SX-A2.

The ASUS G74SX is a powerful, generously sized, heavy and rather expensive notebook computer. You could definitely call this thing a desktop replacement, if only more people had desktop computers this powerful.

The amply equipped G74SX is built around a 17.3-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and native resolution of 1920 x 1080. That huge tract of screen space is perfect for high-definition entertainment, graphics, large spreadsheets and, of course, gaming. The glorious display is driven by a cutting edge nVIDIA GTX 560M GPU with 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM and support for DirectX 11.

Any notebook with a 17.3-inch display and native resolution of 1920 x 1080 deserves to have a Blu-ray player, so ASUS threw in a Blu-ray ROM drive with CD/DVD burning. You can watch Blu-ray movies on the notebook’s screen or on an HDTV set via the notebook’s HDMI output.

Naturally, a high-end gaming notebook should include a powerful processor, and the G74SX does not disappoint; it’s powered by a 2 GHz Intel Core i7-2630QM quad-core processor, which can be over-clocked to 2.9 GHz. It stands to reason that an over-the-top processor should have access to an awesome amount of memory, and so the Core i7 does. The G74SX-A1 includes 12GB of RAM, while the G74SX-A2 includes 16GB. Think of it—only 10 years ago, the hard drive in many computers was smaller than 16GB.

Speaking of hard drives, the G74SX is equipped with two. The G74SX-A1 features two 750GB 7200 rpm disks, for a total storage capacity of 1.5TB, while the more expensive G74SX-A2 features one 750GB 7200 rpm hard disk and a 160GB solid-state drive, for a total storage capacity of 910GB.

Other than the memory and storage drives, the G74SX-A1 and G74SX-A2 are identical. Additional features common to both models include a 2MP webcam and microphone, gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0+HS, a THX TruStudio sound system and a flash media slot compatible with all popular types of memory cards. Ports include one USB 3.0, three USB 2.0 ports, one VGA and one HDMI.

The G74SX is 16.5 inches wide by 2.4 inches high by 12.8 inches deep and it weighs 9.44 pounds. It features a 5-degree inclined keyboard to eliminate fatigue, comfortable rubber-like palm rests and a full-size keyboard and number pad. A 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium is the installed operating system.

Gamers will love the G74SX, but you don’t have to be a gamer to appreciate its power. Anyone in need of a big, powerful full-featured notebook computer will want to check it out.





Most of the above is true, but...

I got the G74SX-a1 here at B&H and have to complain about two things:

The sentelic touchpad that I got in my laptop is plain and simple piece of  ****! It jumps and stops, the cursor comes and goes at will - I gues this is the cause for them the ship a free gaming mouse with this unit. Just because the trackpad is soooooo bad, they better ship a mouse with it. It has nothing to do with drivers (at least not until now - I've tested all available drivers and have formatted the computer to no avail.)

The second complain are the speakers - they aren't loud enough. Any netbook out there has better sounding and louder speakers than the G74SX.

The poster above says it's te better notebook out there, but I would look for the MSI if I had a second chance. They aren't as good looking as this one (opinions...) but the speakers are great and the touchpad is as good as any apple computer.

These two  "issue" persists, and Asus customer service won't do anything to help. ROG support doesn't help either.I'll have to travel back to america and send it for repair because the so called Global warranty does not work globally, and for sure not in Brazil!! Go figure. Apple's warranty works anywhere in the world you buy an apple computer. No questions asked.

The computer IS OTHERWISE great and a SSD drive in the first slot is a welcome addon.

Goodbye Alien Ware.... Hello community,


I've owned the Asus G74sx from day one and let me tell you its one of the nicest computers out there. Apple does not compeate with the unit nor does any other computer company out there, that is unless your building a gaming desktop for around $1,200.00. With the Asus G74sx your getting right out of box a solid setup for gaming and computing.  The only question I have, Is Asus loseing money on each sale of the G74?, cause they are giving you so much more then the price your actually paying. Dell's Alien Ware computer's better watch out as well as Apple. I took this unit though some extream test and it proformed as one of the best PC laptops in the world for just about $1,200.00 


Who would I recommend this PC for:  Replacement desktop gamers/ video editors on the go.

Why: The thing packs a punch of power, even more so then some of my gaming buddies desktop PC's, but portability is just a joke, The unit is about 10lbs with the battery pluged in. Also the power adapter (wall charger) is huge and about 3 more lbs.  The intel sandy bridge i7 with the 8gb of ram and 2x500gb hdd's are the perfect amount for those who edit video in lets say adobe premier pro. The screen size is sweet with 17.3 inches of amazing.


Who would I not recomend this PC for: If you don't know how to replace RAM in a computer don't even think about buying this unit. Only PC SMART people should have this unit.  I'm looking at you Apple Fokes.    The reason i say this is for a 13inch Macbook Pro with and i5 and 3gb of ram and 320gb harddrive its gonna cost you about the same price.  Only thing is the Apple Battery is gonna last a hell of a lot longer. But then again what are you doing on a 13inch macbook pro i5 anyways.... besides facebook. There is not enough screen realestate to do any major editings for photos or graphics. You also don't have the power to do edits in FCP. So whats the point... 2008 also called they want their old graphics cards back. 


If your seriouse about gaming/video/graphics/etc... buy this computer its amazing but more for a power user who is not gonna be on the go go go but more of the site down with the wall charger plugged into the wall.     



Battery TEST:

Gaming on "high proformance mode" 1hour battery life (tested with BFBC2 full graphics)

"Battry Power saving mode" 4 hours battrey life (streamed 4 hours of netflix movies/facebook)

Plugged in TEST:

6 hours of BFBC2 on highest graphics core temp 45 degrees, fan noise -NON  (the unit is always silent nomatter what. You will not even notice its on.  The temp of the unit never when over our 50 degree marker nomatter what we did to the unit.