CES 2014: A Look at the Intel® Edison, a Computer in an SD Card [VIDEO]


Intel announced a radical new technology at CES 2014 called Edison. It's a full-blown computer that resides inside an SD card. Operationally, it can behave like a traditional SD card. You can insert it into a card slot and save data to it. Since the Edison is a computer that runs on Linux, it can also run applications. You can run a program to automatically upload the saved files to the cloud, or to synchronize files from multiple cameras.

Mia McCormick, from the Kelby Media Group, spoke to an Intel representative at CES 2014 to find out more information about this interesting development.

The Edison is due to ship in mid 2014.

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would you pleas send me the full report of intel edison for my seminar in college.

thank you.