CES 2019: CES is Coming and B&H is Going


CES 2019 is nearly upon us, and we here at B&H couldn't be more excited. For those who don't already know, CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. It's an annual showcase for some of the biggest names and brightest up-and-coming stars in the industry to debut the latest and soon-to-be greatest consumer electronics. Over the course of four days (January 8 – 11), thousands of exhibitors will gather in Las Vegas to demo and unveil cutting-edge products and technology. We're talking wall-to-wall tech, spanning a plethora of categories including VR, drones, home entertainment, computers, mobile, and so much more.

As in years past, B&H will be on site to give you all the latest news and updates, along with exclusive footage of CES's most popular, coolest exhibits. We'll be posting content all throughout the event, so be sure to check back often for updates, breaking news, announcements, and product availability. You don't want to miss it!

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2019 Exhibitor Listing

2019 Map

Do you plan to attend this year's CES? Are you excited about any new product announcements? Tell us about it in the Comments section, below.