E3 2018: PSVR Has the Games


After a press conference focusing on many heavy-hitting titles, it seemed like Sony's PlayStation VR Headset had fallen by the wayside. This is far from the case, however, because one step inside their booth revealed a sizable area where you could go hands-on with about a dozen different games that are coming to the platform soon. Here's a closer look at some of the games they highlighted.

Tetris Effect

Is there any way to really improve on Tetris? Virtual reality is one way to do it and, in Tetris Effect, even though the game is still the same as always, the overall experience is so much better. Most VR experiences so far focus on getting you into some action and reacting to what is on screen, but with Tetris I was in the opposite mood: totally relaxed. With the calming music in my ears and my entire field of view filled, it was easy to get sucked into the experience and just zone out. I only took on the easy level, since it's been a while and I'm not exactly a Tetris guru, but I must say it was quite pleasant.

Beat Saber

Coming to PSVR soon, Beat Saber has already seen some life on the PC, though the PSVR version seemed to be just as fun—you swing your sabers at blocks as they come at you while keeping in pace with the music. This is where I like to have fun, jumping right into the speedier hard setting and watching them blaze toward me while also keeping a lookout for moments where I must dodge giant walls that pop up out of nowhere. This genuinely caught me off guard a couple of times and had me reactively ducking out of the way while still trying to swipe my hands in the right direction. It was a near perfect game for the PSVR IMO because it made brilliant use of the Move controllers and the headset tracking.


A new shooter making use of the Aim controller, Evasion is perhaps the best FPS I have seen yet for the PSVR system. Smartly combining quick turning with smooth or dash walking keeps you from getting motion sickness, and it looked like there was plenty of variety to the combat because you could choose between one of four classes to fight with. I picked the long-range Stalker, as was recommended for the demo, and was surprised at just how well the controller could be aimed. It was also quite enjoyable to just look down and see/feel the firearm in my hands represented quite accurately. Getting into the action was fun, taking down various aliens as they swarmed me before facing a final boss to cap off the demo. FPS shooters should get a kick out of finally getting a true POV experience in their games and Evasion is something to certainly check out.

Creed: Rise to Glory

Boxing is such an obvious sport to bring to virtual reality, and Creed: Rise to Glory is the first major PSVR release to feature it. Using the Move controllers, you block, dodge, and punch your way through your opponent while also experiencing some coaching from none other than Rocky Balboa himself. You become Adonis Creed as he works his way through the boxing world and there really isn't much else to say. The mechanics seem solid, and there are some unique ways to recover after taking a particularly nasty hit. Should be a good VR option when it launches.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

One of the most underused mascots Sony has at its disposal is the AR Bot. First appearing in The Playroom and then in The Playroom VR, these little guys remind me of the minions in the Despicable Me franchise, and have all the charm of their contemporaries. Finally, Sony decided to give these guys a bit more of the spotlight with the fully fledged game that is Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. A brilliantly fun platformer, it combines the actions of the Astro Bot with the actions made possible by the controller in your hand, making you a character in the experience. It's just plain old fun and highly worth a look if you are a PSVR owner.

This was surprisingly just a sample of the VR games Sony had on display at E3 this year, so expect the system to get a lot more attention as its library becomes more fleshed out. Which of these titles do you think you would pick up? Let us know in the Comments section, below!