Five Flash Drive Designs that Don't Look Typical


Instead of discussing super-compact or large-capacity USB drives, I wanted to introduce you to unique flash drive designs that will impress your friends while providing other benefits. These tech accessories have become an essential item to whomever uses a computer, by housing more than thousands of photos or dozens of full-length movies. From useful to cool, B&H carries a wide variety of non-typical USB flash drives that are designed to meet your everyday storage needs, as well as your sense of style. There’s a lot to consider—so let’s get started with five uniquely designed flash drives.

Silicon Power 64GB Firma F80 Flash Drive

Silicon Power’s Firma F80 features a ring-shaped design for a more comfortable experience in the way you use and grasp the drive. To make it resistant to scratches and fingerprints, the drive is built with a sand–blasted, zinc-alloy exterior rather than a plastic shell. With its unique construction, the Firma F80 won a Red Dot design award in 2013.

LaCie 16GB Culbuto

To bring movement and whimsical entertainment to your workspace, the LaCie Culbuto is a multi-purpose drive that comes outfitted with a weighted base for springing the flash drive back to a vertical position. Moreover, this decorative drive’s cap is equipped with a clip, so you can use the Culbuto as a photo or card holder when you’re not using it to back up data.

Verbatim 4GB Clip-It USB Flash Drive

With Verbatim’s Clip-It drives, you can hand in a digital copy along with a physical copy of your report. The drives are created with a capless, dust-resistant, and waterproof design and offer a practical solution for everyday tasks by letting you utilize them as a paper clip. You can also clip this drive to a business card to provide your customers with additional info when there’s no access to the Internet.

Lexar 64GB JumpDrive C20i Lightning to USB 3.0 Cable with Built-In Flash Drive

Typical USB drives are pretty boring, since they just offer a single USB connector for backing up or transferring files. To provide you with the best bang for your buck, flash drive manufacturers have opted for a dual–connector design that also connects to your other gear, such as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Lexar’s JumpDrive C20i does not resemble a generic USB drive, but rather a very short cable with a standard USB connector on one end and a Lightning interface on the other, letting you transfer content easily between equipment, provide additional storage space, and charge your battery-powered gear.

Kingston 64GB Data Traveler 2000

Watching movies in which a character is transporting a company’s or nation’s secrets with a standard USB drive has me baffled. Movie studios need to replace those everyday drives with a Kingston Data Traveler 2000 to inject some high-tech coolness into their films. These secure drives sport an alpha-numerical keypad embedded on the side of the drive, as well as hardware encryption for safeguarding the sensitive data. Compelling an antagonist to figure out the ten-digit password to gain access to the data would definitely add suspense to a thriller.

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