Just Announced: Synology DiskStation BeyondCloud NAS Servers


In today’s digital age, high-capacity file storage is become increasingly important, with terms such as RAID and NAS being thrown around interchangeably when large amounts of data storage are being discussed. For those who aren’t sure what terms like RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) or NAS (Network Attached Storage) mean or what their capabilities are, let alone how to properly configure one for their needs, Synology is releasing the DiskStation BeyondCloud series. Synology’s goal with these NAS devices is to remove the complicated setups and managements that are often associated with NAS and RAID devices. These devices are compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, as well as Windows mobile devices. These Synology NAS devices will help meet the data management and storage needs of virtually everyone, from small businesses, home offices, families, and more.

The DiskStation BeyondCloud series includes three different model configurations with Seagate NAS hard drives that are optimized for 24/7 access. The first of these is the 2TB BeyondCloud 1-Bay NAS Server, which comes pre-installed with a 2TB hard drive in its lone SATA III drive bay. The second offering is the 3TB BeyondCloud 1-Bay NAS Server, which offers users a 3TB hard drive within its single SATA III bay. Synology’s third item in this lineup, which deviates slightly from the previous two, is the DiskStation BeyondCloud Mirror 6TB (2 x 3TB) 2-Bay NAS. This model comes pre-configured as a RAID 1 and has two SATA III drive bays, each of which contains a 3TB hard drive. While this model does have 6TB of overall space, please bear in mind that the RAID 1 configuration turns it into a mirrored device, meaning that any data written to this NAS is written to both drives simultaneously. While the advantage is having a backup in case one drive fails, it will also only leave users with 3TB of usable space. In order to use the full 6TB capacity of this NAS, it will be necessary to select another of the supported modes, such as RAID 0, Basic, Synology Hybrid RAID, or JBOD. The DiskStations, of course, can be purchased barebones, separate from the drives, but the advantage of BeyondCloud comes pre-configured with the drives inside and ready to go at a lower price.


Each NAS contains an 800 MHz MARVELL Armada 370 88F6707 processor with 256MB of DDR3 RAM. As I mentioned before, Synology’s goal with these NAS devices is to offer a user-friendly set-up process, as many people may not be experienced with setting up NAS devices. Synology provides a setup tutorial page to help expedite this process. To this end, since the BeyondCloud products come pre-configured, there’s not much setup to do, other than plug in the NAS, connect it to your computer and network, go through the initial set-up menus that involve signing up for a login account, naming the NAS device for your network, and installing any of the software packages, such as Audio Station, Media Server, Video Station, VPN Server, Surveillance Station, WordPress Station, and more.

Synology’s BeyondCloud series provides users with a central platform to organize, back up, and share photos, music, videos, and more. The above-mentioned packages will allow users to build an entertainment hub and, since everything is saved to the BeyondCloud, Synology’s QuickConnect helps simplify remote access setups that allow entertainment and work files to be accessed on almost any computer, laptop, or mobile device. Data may be uploaded using drag-and-drop functionality, while built-in FTP and email clients allow files to be shared using a web application or a link. Mobile users may also access content using the companion mobile app, DS file.

The BeyondCloud is also a DLNA-certified media server, which will allow content to be seamlessly streamed to all your HD media players, SMART TVs, gaming consoles, and other DLNA-certified devices.

The Synology BeyondCloud NAS devices are well suited for centralizing your digital life, including media and files. Whether you’re a small business, home office, or just have a large collection of digital files that you want to stream and share, you can now access them all from one place. Synology now makes cloud storage available to everyone, in every range.

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