LaCie's Porsche-Designed USB 3.0 Hard Drives



Fast ports and sleek hard drives are meant to click. That is, if LaCie has its way. The computer-accessory maker has begun shipping a trio of aluminum-encased external storage devices, the F.A. Porsche-Designed  Desktop Hard Drive in 1- and 2-terabyte versions and the 500GB F.A. Porsche-Designed  Portable Hard Drive. All are meant to turn heads even as their USB 3.0 connections transfer data at neck-breaking speeds approaching 5 gigabits per second.

The drives are Windows and Mac compatible and backwardly compatible to USB 2.0. The scratch resistant, solid-aluminum design, which includes a striking LED, was created in partnership with Porsche Design, a majority-owned subsidiary of the European sports car maker, Porsche.