macOS Sierra Brings Siri, Apple Pay, and More to the Mac


MacOS Sierra features Siri with all its features from the iPhone and iPad, along with all-new capabilities designed specifically for the Mac. Features like Universal Clipboard, iCloud Desktop and Documents, Auto Unlock, and Apple Pay on the Web help your Mac work better with other Apple devices. And Photos now has a Memories feature that automatically creates curated collections of your past photos and videos.

Siri isn’t exclusive to iOS and watchOS anymore. Now Siri can help you send messages and emails, look up information, search your photo library, and adjust system preferences on your Mac. Universal Clipboard allows you to copy content from an app on one Apple device and paste it into another app on a different Apple device. With iCloud Desktop and Documents, you can now access files located on your Mac from your iPhone and iPad with ease. If you have an Apple Watch, you can authenticate it to log you in automatically when you’re near your Mac via Auto Unlock.

You can also make secure purchases online with Apply Pay. With participating websites, you can click the Apple Pay button at checkout and then complete the purchase with Touch ID on the iPhone 6 or later or with the Apple Watch. This way, your credit card information is not shared with online vendors, and strong encryption protects all communication between your Apple device and Apple Pay servers.

But perhaps the most appealing feature of macOS Sierra is that it is available as a free update from the Mac Store. If you have a Mac from late 2009 and on, you’ll be able to update to macOS Sierra.