NAB 2018: Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4


Ballistix by Micron is proud to announce its Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB line of DDR4 RAM. Available in speeds of up to 3000 MHz, these 288-pin modules each feature 16 RGB LEDs in eight zones for you to customize. Spec-wise, they operate at 1.2V for 2666 MHz modules and 1.35V for 3000 MHz modules with 16-18-18 timings for both. Take advantage of the XMP Profile support to reach advanced speeds and timings easily. Adding additional RAM can improve system responsiveness when multitasking, which is especially helpful if you're into livestreaming your gaming sessions.

RGB products have been trending among gamers, thanks to their eye-catching appeal. If you're on board, you can utilize the Ballistix M.O.D Utility or your motherboard's RGB software to adjust their color, brightness, and pattern to fit your style.

Currently, it supports ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte Aorus Graphics Engine, and more. By default, the Ballistix-labeled light bar provides you with a diffused look and can be removed for maximum brightness.

Another way to bring it to new levels of luminosity, is by 3D-printing your own light bar to add even more flair to your build. That is reason enough to try Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB.

Ballistix RAM is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so you know you're in good hands. What do you think of 3D printed parts? Do you have a design in mind? Let us know in the Comments section, below.