New Samsung Gaming Monitors


As one of the largest manufacturers of displays for TVs and smartphones, Samsung isn’t hesitating to make a name for itself in the gaming community. Available in 24 and 27" variants, the CFG70 series monitors feature an 1800R curved VA (Vertical Alignment) panel, 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, 144 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time, and AMD FreeSync technology. Together, they allow users to enjoy crisp and clear content with responsive interactions. Thanks to the curved display, users will have a more immersive viewing experience by sitting right in the center of the action. Moreover, these monitors are built with Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology and their advanced VA panel technology for 125% sRGB coverage and a 3000:1 static contrast ratio.

Gamers looking for something bigger and badder should check out the 49" CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor. This huge monitor, which some of you could rightly call a TV, has an expansive 32:9 aspect ratio and 3840 x 1080 resolution that’s effectively two 1080p panels stitched together. With split-screen mode, you’ll have plenty of room for multitasking. It encompasses all the cool features and specs as the CFG70 series monitors mentioned above, with the addition of HDR support and AMD FreeSync 2. For those of you who aren’t familiar with HDR, it offers improved brightness and contrast levels. Building on the previous iteration, FreeSync 2 works in conjunction with HDR for increased brightness levels, GPU tone mapping, and smoother playback along with all the benefits of reduced screen tearing, ghosting, and stuttering.

Now, the other interesting aspect of these monitors is the addition of interactive LED lighting. On the CFG70 series, it’s located on the bottom of the monitor, and on the CHG90, at the back. These lights, which are bias lighting, help to reduce eye strain and improve contrast. Unlike standard bias lighting, though, these are a bit more advanced and can be synced to your game, getting brighter as the game’s sound grows louder and dynamically changing colors to emulate on-screen content. Interested users should know that all these monitors have HDMI and DisplayPort connections and fully adjustable stands.

What do you think about Samsung’s 49" gaming monitor? What gaming feature would you like to see more of in upcoming displays? Let us know in the Comments section, below.


"Available in 24 and 27" variants, the CFG70 series monitors..."

Except that I think according to Samsung's website, the variant closest to the CHG90 is actually CHG70 and has a WQHD res. I would love it if you got these varients in-- I want to buy the CHG70 27", but I can't find them anywhere outside America. Any chance of you adding the CHG70 27" to your site as well?

Hey MonitorFan,

I'm sorry but at this time I do not have information on when or if B&H will be carrying this monitor.