New from Seagate: BarraCuda and FireCuda Internal Hard Disk Drives


Good news: Seagate BarraCuda drives are back, along with a new line of FireCuda hybrid drives that are designed to meet the needs of gamers, creative professionals, and PC enthusiasts. The BarraCuda line is an entry-level series that offers up to 64MB of cache memory, as well as capacities of 500GB and 2TB. With 156 MB/s read and write speeds, these BarraCuda drives have the horsepower to accomplish everyday activities and back up critical files at a respectable pace.

Seagate’s FireCuda hybrid drives provide large capacities, as well as solid-state performance. These FireCuda drives come standard with 8GB of MLC flash memory—delivering frequently accessed content quickly—along with a storage space of 1TB or 2TB for your photos, videos, and music. The spinning portion of the drive sports 64MB of cache memory and an average read speed of 156 MB/s. With the help of MLC memory, the FireCuda is capable of reaching read speeds of up to 190 MB/s.

Both series of drives are designed in a 3.5" form factor and are outfitted with a SATA III interface, allowing them to be used in desktops, workstations, and backup storage systems. In addition, the BarraCuda drive comes with a two-year warranty, while the FireCuda includes a five-year warranty.