NVIDIA Releases GeForce RTX SUPER Graphics Cards

NVIDIA Releases GeForce RTX SUPER Graphics Cards

NVIDIA has supercharged its RTX graphics cards with the GeForce RTX SUPER series, from CyberPower, Zotac, and EVGA. With higher clock speeds, additional CUDA cores, more VRAM, and included features, the GeForce RTX SUPER graphics cards allow you to get even more out of your favorite PC games.

First up is the RTX 2060 SUPER. It can perform up to 22% faster than the RTX 2060 (average 15%). It also has 2GB more RAM, for a total of 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM. You also get a 33.2% memory bandwidth increase, plus an additional 256 CUDA cores, 32 Tensor Cores, and 4 RT Cores. When compared to last gen, it is faster than the GTX 1080.

The RTX 2070 SUPER can perform up to 24% faster than the RTX 2070, with an average of 16%. Like the 2060 SUPER, you can have an additional 256 CUDA cores, 32 Tensor Cores, and 4 RT Cores, as well as a 150 MHz Boost Clock increase. NVIDIA also added a NVLINK SLI connector to the RTX 2070 SUPER for gamers who want additional performance in select games and apps. The RTX 2070 SUPER is faster than the NVIDIA's last gen flagship powerhouse, the GTX 1080 Ti.

If you're looking for even more performance, the RTX 2080 SUPER has 15.5 Gb/s GDDR6 VRAM and memory bandwidth increase to 496.1 GB/s, a 10.7% improvement. Combined with the 150 MHz Boost Clock increase, it can easily outperform the TITAN Xp and all other NVIDIA graphics cards, apart from the RTX 2080 Ti.

Of course, all GeForce RTX SUPER graphics cards support ray tracing, which is an advanced graphics technique used to give movies (and now games) their ultra-realistic visual effects. Ray tracing is supported in industry standard APIs, including Microsoft DirectX Raytracing (DXR) and Vulkan, as well as game engines used by developers to create games, such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Frostbite, and more.

For a limited time, starting on July 9, qualifying purchases of a GeForce RTX 20-series graphics card or desktop PC will receive the NVIDIA Super Fast. Supernatural Bundle, which includes a copy of Control and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Both games support real-time raytracing, allowing you to take full advantage of your RTX graphics card.

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