Open-Mesh Network Gear: a Brand Overview


With Open-Mesh, wireless networking is made easy. Whether creating your own personal local area wireless network or creating a wireless network half a world away, Open-Mesh gives you the tools to configure and manage your entire network. The included CloudTrax app provides an intuitive platform from which all aspects of the network can be managed and monitored. The application can even be downloaded on iOS and Android-based mobile devices to keep tabs on your network when on the go. With CloudTrax, it is possible to view access points on a map as well as manage network resources including creation of SSIDs, bandwidth controls, and much more.

Without the hardware, the CloudTrax application is useless, and Open-Mesh comes to bat with a full line of access points, enclosures, and more. The heart of the network, the access point, comes in a variety of configurations ranging from the OM2P, offering a data-transfer rate of up to 150 Mbps, to the MR1750, providing dual-band connectivity and data speeds of up to 1750 Mbps. Once you have the access point, you need an enclosure, and Open-Mesh has a variety of enclosures to suit the needs of nearly any networking environment. For indoor use, Open-Mesh offers an Ethernet Jack Enclosure, a Wall Plug Enclosure, and a Ceiling Enclosure, while outdoor enclosures allow access points to be installed on poles using the Pole Enclosure, and on walls and ceilings using the Outdoor Enclosure.

Once the network is designed and installed, it then becomes necessary to power the access points. For that, Open-Mesh offers a wide variety of PoE-compatible equipment and standard power adapters. Network administrators can choose from an 8- or 12- port Ethernet PoE injector, as well as a single Ethernet port PoE injector. The PoE injectors use CAT-5 or higher network cabling to provide power to each PoE-compliant connected access point. In addition to PoE injectors, Open-Mesh offers individual power adapters specifically designed to fit each model of their line of access points.