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Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac: Increased Performance in Dual Environments


With each new generation of Parallels Desktop software, we see a clear push for increased performance and ease of integration; two welcome considerations. With Parallels Desktop 10, this tradition is continued with a host of new features that are designed to improve the end user's experience. If you want to run multiple virtual environments on your OS X Yosemite or earlier Mac, this software gives you the power and tools to achieve the productivity you're looking for without sacrificing your system's performance.

With Parallels Desktop 10, not only will your virtual machines use up to 10% less memory, but your Windows documents can now open up to 48% faster. Additionally, opening Office 2013 documents has seen a notable performance boost; now opening up to 50% faster. Luckily, this increase in efficiency doesn't impact battery life negatively, which has also been tweaked to last approximately 30% longer, a great feature for mobile-power users. This allows you to spend more time working, and less time searching for a power outlet.

Parallels realizes how precious your hard drive space is. Your virtual machine will only occupy the space it needs, and real-time optimization automatically economizes your virtual disk space, maximizing your hard drive's available storage. There's also a Free Disk Space Wizard that allows you to review further and clean up space as needed. Controlling your virtual environment is just as important as power. The new Parallels Control Central provides a single location for managing your virtual machines and configuration settings.

With these new features and more, Parallels continues to be the standard bearer for running virtual environments on your Mac desktop or notebook. Users of previous versions will appreciate these performance enhancements while maintaining the ease of integration to which they've grown accustomed. Additionally, customers who purchase and activate a copy of Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac at B&H or Parallels directly, between August 1, 2014 and October 15, 2014, are eligible for an upgrade to Parallels 10 for Mac at no charge.