PhotoPlus 2013: Sandisk Wireless Media and Wireless Flash Drives


SanDisk showcased two compact wireless storage devices. The wireless media drive is smaller than the average wallet and can stream content, including 1080p video, to up to five devices simultaneously. It charges via micro USB, and can run for up to eight hours when charged. There is no embedded storage; it comes with a full-sized SD card, which can be removed and upgraded to a max capacity of 128GB.

The wireless flash drive is the size of an average thumb drive, and has a removable 16GB micro SD card. SanDisk recommends 32GB max upgrade capacity, and it can stream content to three devices. It charges via a USB 2.0 port, and has approximately four hours of battery life.

Both devices are controlled via SanDisk's iOS and Android apps, and don't require Wi-Fi for streaming. Both devices create their own password-protected hotspots, and can accommodate up to eight devices, but with simultaneous streaming limitations.

Editor's Note: This post was written by L. Stevens


I have sandisk wireless flash drive on my ipad air and you say that SanDisk creates it's own pass protected hotspot. So do I create a anything when i install it. thanks, terry