Protect Data with LaCie Rescue Data Recovery Services


As a company that has created a wide variety of external storage solutions—ranging from enterprise-grade hard drives to super-fast SSDs with an array of connectivity options, as well as RAID support to enhance redundancy and performance—LaCie now delivers another important feature, Rescue Data Recovery Services. You might ask yourself, why would one need this service when LaCie’s products are so reliable? For starters, this service is included with nearly all of the company’s storage products, such as the Rugged to the big Thunderbolt™ 3 series. Secondly, there are other causes for lost data besides the unit failing from great heights, so let us look through the following possibilities.

Typically, enterprise-level drives configured in a RAID 1 array do not suffer from lost data, since these configurations are designed to preserve data by mirroring the content to a second drive; but what happens when both drives suffer from acts of nature or accidental causes. The area where a LaCie storage unit is placed could have been flooded or soaked when a local fire department has put out a fire, causing water damage to the drive. Even though these situations are unlikely, it’s highly possible the storage unit could have been left in the car during a hot summer’s day, damaging the drive’s internal circuitry. With no exceptions to the cause of lost data, Rescue Data Recovery Services provide you with coverage that does not incur additional costs for the recovery of data.

For what you value most, LaCie provides you with a piece of mind that irreplaceable photos, videos, and other digital content could be possibly recovered in any type of event. However, the included service plans grant you one in-lab data recovery attempt during the entire term of the Rescue service plan, which can last between 2 to 5 years, based upon the length of warranty for the product. Once the recovery process is successful, the recovered data can either be loaded to a storage drive or into an online cloud-based storage solution, which will be made available for sixty days. So, there you have it, the last piece of a complete storage setup that meets the needs of home to business users.

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