ROBO 3D R1 Printer


Compatible with almost any open-source software, a flexible range of materials, and most current operating systems, the ROBO 3D R1 is designed for anyone ready to dive into the emerging world of 3D printing. Don't leave your 3D prints open to human error. With the ROBO 3D R1, the build plate will calibrate automatically as well as heat up to improve 3D printing. The single extruder can support both PLA and ABS plastic filament, although it'll have to be one at a time. The printer supports 100-micron resolution for precision 3D models of up to 720 cubic inches in size. You can send 3D print jobs to the R1 via the USB port or from an SD card. The R1 also comes fully assembled with a 300-gram spool of blue filament so you can start printing 3D models right out of the box.