Store more with G-Technology 8 and 10TB USB 3.0 G-DRIVEs


With 4K videos coming out every day, and the mountains of digital photos building up, G-Technology has released larger-capacity drives in its impressive lineup of external G-DRIVE USB 3.0 storage devices. Designed with the professional in mind, the G-DRIVE series now has 8TB and 10TB options, letting you transport more data on a single drive. In addition to providing more storage, these larger-capacity drives transfer data at rates of up to 245 MB/s for the 10TB version and up to 205 MB/s for the 8TB.

G-Technology has armed the G-DRIVE series with 3.5" hard drives that have a rotational spin speed of 7,200 rpm. Each G-DRIVE features an aluminum enclosure that protects and cools the 3.5" hard drive. You connect the G-DRIVE to your system via an included USB 3.0 cable. For power, G-Technology provides an AC adapter. Additionally, the G-DRIVE is formatted in HFS+ for Mac and will require a reformat for Windows systems.


Compatible with Operating systems???(Mac???)

This is compatible with Mac OSX 10.9 or later and Windows 7 or later.