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trackmateGPS Gets a Product Refresh


Whether you’re looking to keep track of an entire fleet of trucks for your business or just looking to find out where your children are during the day, trackmateGPS may have a solution for you: real-time vehicle GPS trackers. Previously, trackmateGPS devices operated on 2G networks, which provided a wide coverage area throughout the US and even offered international functionality with an international SIM card. However, with the cellphone industry’s push toward faster speeds and even greater coverage, 2G network towers are disappearing.

trackmateGPS anticipated this change and has updated some of its products to serve customers better. The DASH 3G offers all the same features as the original DASH, but now offers 3G network compatibility. So, on top of tracking speed, location, and mileage, this tracker works in more areas within the US to provide better coverage of tracked vehicles. For a feature-packed option, trackmateGPS also introduced the DASH 2.1 3G. This model offers the same functionality of its younger sibling, but adds advanced features such as shock sensors to notify you if the vehicle is moved or towed, a relay switch for remote power cut-off, and the ability to set custom alerts to keep you better informed of your vehicle’s status.

trackmateGPS MINI H 3G Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker

For a more compact solution, trackmateGPS improved on their previous MINI model and released the MINI H 3G. This device is easy to install via the adhesive backing and makes tracking vehicles a quick activity, not a long, drawn-out process. The refreshed MINI also operates on 3G networks, so you’ll be sure to have coverage in a wide-range of areas. It is also a bit “MINIer” than its predecessor, able to fit just about anywhere with its smaller footprint. Whether you’re buying a GPS tracker for the first time, or want to upgrade your current devices, these trackers offer real-time tracking on reliable 3G networks to keep you on top of your vehicles.