WPPI 2018: SanDisk and WD Appeal to Creatives with Portable Storage


SanDisk and WD are already well known to photographers, and their latest drives are perfect for creatives looking for portable and reliable backup and storage. The main releases include the SanDisk Extreme USB 3.1 Type-C Portable SSD, available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB configurations, and the WD My Passport Wireless SSD, which is made in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB options. The two drives are quite different from one another, but each has its own litany of features that will make it an appealing choice.

Being on the floor and seeing these drives in person is an experience, especially when you pick up the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD and realize just how light and small it is, and that it can hold up to 2TB. It is also water-, dust-, and shock resistant for holding up to being packed away in a photographer's bag, and the USB 3.1 Type-C connection provides impressive transfer speeds of up to 550 MB/s. It is a seriously incredible piece of kit and, if you need the lightest and most reliable drive to bring on your travels, this is one of the best.

For more than pure storage, you will want to look at the WD My Passport Wireless SSD, because this will easily become your on-set backup solution. The wireless in the name refers to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, permitting users to connect to the drive using a smartphone. It is equipped with a USB 3.0 port and SD card slot for transferring and backing up data without relying on a computer. Another benefit is the built-in battery, which can even charge up a connected device. And finally, it can achieve read speeds of up to 390 MB/s with ease.

Both SSDs benefit from reliable solid-state internals and offer mobile shooters great on-set storage solutions. Are either of these going to find their way into your bag? Let us know in the Comments section, below!