5 Reasons You Need a Dye Sub Printer Now


Dye-sublimation printers, like these from Mitsubishi, offer some unique advantages over the more common inkjet options you may have been using to print your photographs. They offer exceptional speed, great quality with a smudge- and water-resistant surface, and an ink/media setup that makes it incredibly simple to track usage and remaining paper. Those benefits make dye-sublimation, or dye-sub, printers outstanding options for setups you may not have even thought of, and can dramatically improve your business offerings. Here are five good scenarios where dye sublimation printing makes sense, and could save you time, money and heartache.

Photo Booth

Create a professional photo-booth experience like you’d find in amusement parks or shopping malls. Models like the Mitsubishi CP-D90DW even offer full color with surface lamination, and can print 4 x 6" prints in fewer than 8 seconds. Add some novelty hats, fake moustaches, or colorful backgrounds, and you’re set for a day or night of awesome memories. For an even more complete experience, pair it with popular Photo Booth software applications like these that work with Nikon, Sony, and Canon cameras, and even a hobbyist can turn out a carnival-like experience with their photo booth. Need even more help on setting up a photo booth? Check out this article, or even consider these ready-made solutions. With its system flexibility, click here to watch how many ways you can set up the CP-D90DW.

FACEPLACE Deluxe Photo Booth


A classier affair may require more discretion than a photo booth offers. With a dye-sub printer in tow, a wedding photographer can produce instant memories and let guests walk away from the wedding with mini photo albums as parting gifts. You can also give the bride and groom a great example of what the more professional finished album may look like without having to produce sample prints. For even more flexible and professional results, consider more than one printer—loaded with two sizes of paper. For instance, offering 4 x 6" prints along with 5 x 7" prints will add some variety to the giveaway albums you produce. In that scenario, you might want to look at something like the CP-D90DW, or the CP-K60DW-S, which feature a rewind function that enables the printing of multiple sizes without requiring you to swap out media.

Mitsubishi CP-D90DW High-Speed Dye Sublimation Digital Color Printer


Nothing adds a layer of security like a photo ID, especially for high-profile buildings or government offices. And with the increased confidence of being able to produce quality color prints in a snap, you can even effectively update front-desk passes that are laminated and can be attached or affixed to entry cards. This is also especially useful in schools and on campuses. Parents or guests coming in to visit their students? Make sure the picture on the guest pass matches the guest, and assure that a restricted pass isn’t being shared. With your organization’s official logo or some kind of holographic identifier, you can not only make your place of business more secure, but ensure that security is even more dynamic by adding up-to-the minute photos for all personnel—also useful if an employee has left the company and must now be restricted from entry. A dated photo will be an extra layer of safety, and a dye-sub printer will help with clear distinct pictures that can be produced immediately.

Event Check-In

Lectures, seminars, conferences, and expos are great places for name tags, but with a dye sub printer and a camera tucked away behind the welcome desk at check-in, you can now add some personality (and even more security) to your welcome badges. Additionally, this will prevent conference attendees from “sharing” invites, especially for paid events. As a side benefit, it makes name recognition and mnemonic association much easier in a large crowd. Tim with the crazy mustache? Yeah, I remember him. Betty with the beehive? She was there.

School Events

Dye-sub printers can be used at a variety of school events for much less than the cost of reloading a traditional inkjet printer with ink. For instance, you could print novelty baseball cards at a child’s softball game with stats that are updated as the game progresses. With the addition of a device like the SelFone Wireless Print Station, you can allow anyone with a smartphone to access the CP-D90DW printer and print photos themselves, directly from their mobile phones, so if your loved ones want to capture a special moment at any event, they can snap the photo and print it. It’s the equivalent of a mobile photo booth without the long waiting lines associated with a traditional booth. You can even customize the background of the prints with the school logo or the night’s theme for the dance. Click here to see how you can use the SelFone Wireless Print Station in just three easy steps.

Mitsubishi SelFone Wireless Print Station

Dye-sub printers add a level of convenience and quality that is tough to get with conventional printers, and deserve to have a wider audience. Can you think of any other practical applications? Share with us in the Comments section, below, of any other possible suggestions you might have for a dye-sub printer.