How to Keep Your Tablet on Lock


Running a retail business is no easy task. There’s plenty to do and too many things to worry about—especially security. With the convenience of mobile payments and paperless billing, more and more businesses have opted for tablets as their primary medium. Aside from a point-of-sales role, tablets can also be used as advertisement to display your company’s catalogue via a user-friendly touch interface. In this transition of how we shop and consume, it’s important for those who are on the front lines to keep their operations secure and problem-free.

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The two most common applications of tablets in retail businesses are: A) on a counter for public or employee use, and B) in the hands of an employee as they navigate through customers offering their assistance. In ideal situations where the tablet is on a counter safeguarded by an employee, always, you might not have to invest as heavily in security. A stand goes a long way, by providing users with simplicity and versatile viewing angles. In other instances, where security isn’t guaranteed and theft aside, it’s still important to keep your devices protected from damage.

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To start, you’ll want to equip your tablet with a case, preferably one that’s durable and supports additional accessories. This anti-theft case from CTA Digital not only provides your tablet with full-body protection, but also a multi-angle viewing stand and a cable lock that can be attached to any solid, non-moving object such as a column or table leg. In cases where a counter isn’t always a solid option, such as in hospitals, consider alternative mounting solutions like a C-clamp, wall mount, or even a seat bolt mount for mobile use. In option B mentioned above, you’ll want a case that can be easily used with one hand, which won’t have your employee dropping it left and right. Also, some come with an optional cable lock, if needed. Should you be using a laptop instead, there are many models that feature a Kensington lock slot that you can use with their security solutions.

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Now that your device is safe and on lock, there are still a few issues you’ll have to deal with. A major concern with public devices is tampering. There are a few cases out there that are designed to block access to your tablet’s ports and buttons to prevent unwanted access. Make sure you adjust your settings correctly before locking the tablet in place. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that users can’t fiddle with your tablet’s software, data, and settings. To solve this, download an app-locking app.

With your tablet physically and non-physically protected, you should have a much easier time sleeping at night. For additional security options, stands, and mounts, be sure to check out companies such as Kensington, CTA Digital, and The Joy Factory. Is there a security issue that you’re worried about? Ask us for solutions, in the Comments section, below.