Introducing Our New Demo Rooms


B&H recently took the wraps off a quartet of premium-equipped demo rooms where the store's A/V and computer experts can help you plan a custom home theater or a multi-room audio and video system.



Here, in a semi-private environment, you can experience the latest systems and solutions for home or business. In fact, most of the brands on display here are unavailable in the rest of the store.



Each room has been specially fitted for a particular theme. They include the:

  • Custom Home Theater Room where you can switch between a hidden TV that rises out of cabinet and a motorized projection screen. 
  • Multi-Zone Audio Room where discrete sound sources can be directed to different rooms, and you can audition a variety of speakers. 
  • Multi-Zone Video Room where five games could be displayed on screens in the same room or in different rooms. 
  • Media Room, where Internet-delivered entertainment, computing and television come together.

So, take the tour. Then visit the Super Store to experience the possibilities of whole-home entertainment.