LG Unveils 2024 Home Cinema Lineup

LG Unveils 2024 Home Cinema Lineup

LG laid out its 2024 home cinema roadmap at CES, with new AI-enhanced QNED and QNED Mini LED TVs, a trio of soundbars, and LG Lifestyle 4K CineBeam Qube projector. Customers can choose from a 43, 50, 55, 65, 75, 86, or a new, ultra-large 98" model. LG’s 2024 QNED and QNED Mini LED TVs focus on an updated a8 AI processor for faster performance and improved visuals than the previous generation. This is in addition to a new version of the embedded webOS interface that uses LG’s Dynamic Q Card technology for a more personalized experience.

Specific AI technologies include AI Picture Pro, which uses deep learning to distinguish between faces, objects, and backgrounds in a scene, enhancing each to result in more realism and detail than ever before. AI Sound Pro uses the TVs’ multi-channel built-in speakers to offer virtualized 9.1.2 surround sound out of the box. These technologies are in addition to LG’s stunning Quantum Dot and NanoCell imaging technologies, and Mini LED lighting for precision local dimming.

The new CineBeam Qube lifestyle projector is a new offering in home projection, combining mobility with a more pleasing aesthetic that reads as minimalist art object rather than just another piece of tech. The 360-degree rotatable handle makes it easy to move from room to room, and delivers 500 lumens from an RGB laser light, producing crisp and realistic 4K images up to 120" in size. For added convenience, Auto Screen Adjustment makes image placement and size easy, and webOS 6.0 support gives wireless access to popular services, such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and YouTube.

Upgrading home theater audio, LG's three new soundbars are the S95TR, SG10TY, and S70TY. Each supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround decoding technologies for impressive immersion in addition to LG’s WOW Orchestra, which does not let the multi-channel speakers of the 2024 QNED TVs go to waste. When paired with those TVs, the soundbars combine both sets of drivers for a larger soundstage. The premium S95TR stands out with 810W of power and 15 channels that include five up-firing drivers. The S95TR and S70TY have the distinction of being the industry’s first soundbars with up-firing center speakers for improved voice clarity.

Altogether, LG’s new offerings are more than an annual refresh. They push home cinema forward with AI-based improvements, different ways to watch, and simplified audio solutions that offer complex and immersive surround sound. Are you interested in upgrading your entertainment center? Do you have questions or comments? Post them in the comments section, below.