32GB microSDHC Card from SanDisk


Memory card maker SanDisk has begun shipping a 32-Gigabyte microSDHC card, which the company claims to be the highest-capacity card available in a form factor so tiny that it fits on a dime. The card's storage is double the capacity of SanDisk's 16GB microSDHC version. The 32GB card comes with a 5-year limited warranty and will carry a suggested retail price of $199.99. It is expected to be available from B&H in April.

Already a popular format in smartphones, microSDHC cards are also compatible with SanDisk's series of Sansa MP3 players. (According to SanDisk, a 32GB card can store enough music to provide the sound track for 35 round-trip flights between New York and San Francisco without being redundant.) Most camera makers, though, still use full-size SD cards. An exception is Samsung, which has introduced some point-and-shoot models including the DualView TL220 that accept SDHC cards.

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A search engine brought me to your site concerning memory cards.  

I look forward to more input from people that I can rely on.

That figures -- I bought the 16gb card just before the 32gb was released.

Just like I bought the 1st generation ipod touch 2 weeks before that updated item came out :-)