Accessorize your Panasonic AG-HPX300


While the camera does most of the heavy lifting, it's always good to grab a few 'essentials' as well as keeping in mind some of the more useful products and the market designed specifically for P2 technology.

The most important accessory for the HPX300 is clearly its P2 card. The cards come in three flavors; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. With two 64GB cards, the camera is capable of recording up to 2 hours of AVC-Intra 100 footage. When using the camera's DVCPRO HD 720/24pN mode, users can record over 5 hours of footage without ever changing a tape; shoot the entire day and never offload! How cool is that?


If 128GB isn't enough for you there is always the tried and true Focus Enhancements DTE device to satisfy more storage needs, such as the FS-100. These guys go up to 250GB but will not support AVC-Intra. For those using DVCPRO HD however, the system will work without a hitch.

If you're in the market for something that allows quick and easy AVC-Intra viewing in the field, Panasonic has released a newer version of their portable viewer. The AG-HPG20 makes it easy to view P2 cards on set in both AVC-Intra and DVCPRO, without having to use a computer or the camera itself. The device can also output video through firewire, analog, and digital streams.

Since ProRes is the name of the game these days for AVC-Intra, users might want to look at the AJA IoHD for studio or field applications. The system allows users to bypass any software transcoding process, saving time when converting footage into ProRes 422. The device also makes it easy to view footage through its HDMI output.

For road trips, it's always good to get a nice soft case for your camera. In my opinion, soft cases make it much easier to carry from place to place while still keeping everything organized and safe. My case of choice would be the PortaBrace CO-AB-M, combining both comfort and durability.

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