Alternative Uses for Your Supercharged MP3 Player


These days, MP3 players have become extremely capable devices that can accomplish a variety of tasks. Indeed, this versatility can provide greater convenience to the user. If you're unfamiliar with what you can do with these gadgets, here's a quick rundown to keep in mind.


Think you're too grown up for games? We all need to have fun. Whether we're bored in the doctor's waiting room, or on a long train ride, our MP3 player is an excellent platform to fill that gap of time with some quality unproductivity or downtime. Developer support for the platform has boomed over the years, leading to more options. If you've got kids, then having games on your MP3 player is an alternative way to keep them occupied.

Additionally, you'll appreciate the critical thinking skills that some games may give you. For all you old-school game lovers like myself, you can download emulation programs to play the games you grew up with. After a long day, hours and hours of smashing enemies to bits in Super Mario Bros. can be quite relaxing for both iPod touch and Android users.

Portfolio Sharing

Have you ever been in the middle of shooting a wedding, and a guest casually asks to see your portfolio? I have—and handing them my smart device with portions of my portfolio loaded onto it is an easy and quick way to share with them.

If you're a photographer, graphic designer or artist, but can't justify the purchase of something like an iPad, consider the more affordable MP3 player. However, for formal meetings I'd strongly recommend printed portfolios or tablet-sized displays. I've begun to notice that brides and grooms love viewing wedding photos on an iPad.

Sure, you could use your Android phone or iPhone for this, but this tends to kill its battery life, and it also means that it won't be available when you really need it. Having another device ensures that you can use your phone for more important things, like making calls or responding to emails.


Many people these days love nothing more than checking Facebook or Twitter on their smart devices. For those of you that actually need to get work done, you'd be surprised to know what your MP3 player can  accomplish. I wrote a very large portion of my 60 page college thesis on an Android device using Google Docs because I wasn't always able to whip out my laptop in order to complete it on time.

There are entire suites available for these platforms. Need a mobile/lite version of Photoshop? There is an app for that.


Many of these smarter MP3 players allow you to not only browse the web, but shop for all your needs as well. For example, did you know there was a B&H iPhone/iPod Touch app? The app allows you to shop for items, browse the latest prices, and download many manuals. For more information click here.

Controlling Your Camera

Did you forget your wireless shutter release at home? Your MP3 player can be a substitute. Besides ordering your camera to fire, it can manipulate various settings, such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO settings, etc. You can start by checking out onOne's wireless remote app.

Be warned that as of this post there is no app like this available for Android. You iPod touch users are in luck.

Bonus Round: Navigation

For those of you that are constantly on the road, navigation can be easier with your device. With apps like Google Maps, which have real-time traffic display capability, you'll be able to cut down on traveling by taking a suggested alternative route.

These devices also have gyroscopes in them, and can become compasses with the right app. The best part is that your device needs no signal at all to be able to use this feature.

What do you use your MP3 player for, besides listening to music? Please let us know in the comments below.

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I love starwalk for landscape work; sunrise & sunset times, moon phases and rise/set times, etc.