Announcing the B&H Interactive HDSLR Guide


Finding the right HDSLR and learning how to use it can be a daunting process. That's why B&H is launching a dynamic and comprehensive online guide to help you choose an HDSLR—and get great results once it's in your hands.

The B&H HDSLR Guide ( offers an in-depth examination of HDSLRs. Learn about sensor size, resolution, file compression, ISO, depth of field, frame rates, field-of-view crop, video modes and more. Compare features and specs and read professional analysis of the latest cameras. When you've found the camera that's right for you, learn about accessories such as tripods, video stabilizers, audio gear and external monitors.

Getting the gear is only the beginning. The B&H HDSLR Guide features detailed articles on shooting stills and video. Learn the basics of good photography and cinematography. Master camera controls and overcome the limitations of capturing video with HDSLRs. With expert tips and techniques, you'll be shooting like the pros.

The B&H HDSLR Guide will also track the latest HDSLR technological developments. You'll get the scoop on leading-edge cameras, accessories and HDSLR techniques.

B&H strives to give our customers the information they need to make important purchasing decisions, but we don't stop there. We want to help you get the most out of your gear and thrive in your creative and professional pursuits.

With HDSLRs, getting professional results takes more than point and shoot or even pro-photography skills. Videographers need to understand HDSLR limitations to avoid quirks like the rolling shutter Jell-O effect, moiré and color inaccuracies. They may also need various stabilizers and support gear to get truly cinematic footage. Photographers need to understand sensor size and sensitivity, file formats, resolutions and digital color depth.

The B&H HDSLR Guide can help you gather the right gear and master the proper techniques to get stunning shots and capture superior video footage. The B&H HDSLR Guide will help you find the best camera and gear for your needs, whether you're a studio photographer or extreme sports videographer. And when you've found the right outfit, we'll help you get great results. It's all part of our commitment to superior customer service and support. This is the B&H way.

Check out the B&H HDSLR Guide at

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Nice work, looks like that took a long time to create. Kind of an odd format however, I think I lot of people will miss that you have to scroll down to get more content.

Dave Dugdale

 Did not play on MAC.