Archos 3cam Vision


Archos, the long-time manufacturer of personal media players, has combined the three most popular activities of media consumption—listening to music, watching video and viewing photos—with a video/still camera and FM radio all in a pocket touch screen. You can save radio shows or use the internal mic for voice recording. There's even a built-in FM transmitter. And the Archos 3cam Vision is priced less than better-known media players.

Select CAM on the main menu of the bright three-inch touch screen (400 x 240 pixels) and you can point the Archos 3cam Vision to shoot MPEG-4 (.asf format) video in VGA resolution at 15 frames per second or QVGA resolution at 30 fps. With 8GB of internal flash memory, you can store up to 20 hours of video. You can play back scenes on the Archos or transfer them to your computer using a simple copy-and-paste command. The player is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible. Once on your computer, you can upload video to YouTube. The camera also enables you to take still pictures without having to use your computer to grab stills from the video. For photo playback, the device is compatible with JPEG, BMP and GIF images.

Filled entirely with music, the Archos 3cam Vision can store 4,000 songs and play for 14 hours on a single charge. It's compatible with MP3, non-protected WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC and APE files. Album art is displayed above the player controls (left). There's an FM radio (87.5 –108 MHz) built in, and the ability to record programs in the WAV format. There's also an embedded FM transmitter (right) so you can hear your stored music on your home stereo or car radio without having to purchase an accessory transmitter in order to shed the included earphones.

The entire player weighs only 2.26 ounces and occupies a 3.82 x 2.05 x 0.35-inch footprint, so it can easily slip into a shirt pocket. As an entertainment device for playing video (right) transferred from your computer, the Archos 3cam Vision is compatible with MPEG, non-protected WMV, FLV, AVI and RMVB files. The battery should be good for four hours of video playback. The player comes with a USB cable (mini B/A), earphones, user manual and a one-year limited warranty. With so much functionality, the Archos 3cam Vision is something you'll want to take with you wherever you go.

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 Aparelho muito bom, mas com um problema muito grande...  8GB de memória interna é pouco.

Um aparelho que faz fotos e vídeos e também é MP3 player, deveria ter, no mínimo, 80GB de memória