B&H Online Videos Direct to the Screen of Your Choice


You may not be aware that B&H Photo regularly creates unique videos that demonstrate features of the products it sells. You'll find the entire library on the B&H Web site at www.video.bhphotovideo.com where, among other options, you can use the Channel Navigator to view programs based on such categories as photo, home entertainment, or computer products.

But you don't necessarily need to visit the B&H Web site to experience the latest videos. They're also available through iTunes or YouTube for viewing on a PC screen or handheld player and TiVo for watching them large as life on your big-screen TV.

B&H makes it easy to subscribe to its podcasts through iTunes. Just go to the B&H Online Videos showcase, and click on the "Subscribe to the B&H Podcasts from iTunes" panel. (A non-linked likeness appears to the right.) You'll be taken directly to the B&H Podcast page in iTunes, where you'll see the 50 most recent episodes listed ready to be streamed or downloaded. (See iTunes directory below.) If you're already in the iTunes Store, you can subscribe to B&H Podcasts by typing "B&H Photo" in the search field and clicking on the Subscribe button.

Once you're subscribed, iTunes will automatically download any new podcasts. You can watch them on your Mac or Windows computer or automatically sync them to such portable devices as an iPhone, iPod touch (available in 8-, 32-, and 64GB capacities) or iPad Tablet.

Another way to get B&H Online Videos is through YouTube. B&H has its own YouTube Channel (above) where you can watch videos, post comments, read other users' comments, and paste a link into an email or instant message for sharing the video with a friend or colleague. You can also subscribe to new videos posted to the channel. The next time you log onto YouTube, you'll see thumbnail images of any B&H videos that have been added since you last visited. YouTube will also automatically notify you by email whenever B&H uploads a new video. (See below)

Of course, if you're using a portable media player with Wi-Fi capability such as an iPod touch or an Archos 5 Internet Tablet (in 32-, 160- and 500GB capacities), you should be able to stream YouTube videos. Archos has updated the Tablet's firmware to address incompatibility issues. An alternative to streaming is downloading a B&H podcast either directly from the B&H site or through iTunes to your computer and then copying (syncing) it to your portable player. As long as the handheld device can play MP4 files, you should be able to watch B&H podcasts in the palm of your hand.

Small screens are fine for personal viewing, but nothing beats the impact and share-ability of a big screen TV. Enter TiVo. Late last year TiVo added B&H podcasts to its menu of free on-demand and Web videos. You need a broadband-connected TiVo such as a TiVo HD digital video recorder or TiVo HD XL.

TiVo HD digital video recorder

Here's how it works. From TiVo Central, the DVR's main menu, you select Video on Demand > then pick Free VOD & Web Videos > then move the highlight bar down to select the Technology category > and you'll see the B&H Photo Online Videos choice listed (screen below).

Selecting B&H will take you to an image and description of the most recently posted program with an option to Watch Now. Besides immediate viewing, you can tell TiVo to download the video. The program soon shows up on your Now Playing list along with all the TV shows you've recorded. I found my B&H podcasts nestled between ABC World News and the sitcom, Better off Ted. When you're done watching, you decide to delete the podcast or save it.

Best of all, you can create a Season Pass. This means that TiVo will automatically download new B&H podcasts as they become available. You can store up to 10 B&H programs on the TiVo hard drive. B&H's most recently posted 50 programs are always available for watching or downloading. You can also visually and audibly rate a video with up to three thumbs up (ding!) or three thumbs down (thud!). And if you can't get enough, there's a Bonus Feature which brings up a directory of even more B&H videos on YouTube. Yes, TiVo brings YouTube to your TV, too. Who needs a computer?

So, whether your screen is small, medium, or large, B&H podcasts are a fit. Stream them or download them. Watch them at home or while traveling. But do check them out.