B&H Pulse News Roundup: June 7, 2013


This week in the news: Lots of cool new ASUS gear was announced at the Computex show in Taiwan; Canon announced the new EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens, and version 2.0 firmware update for the EOS M; Tokina introduced the AT-X 12-28mm f/4 for APS-C cameras; and there were some interesting advances in memory card technology.
This is your B&H Photo Pulse News Roundup for June 7, 2013. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news as it breaks.

New ASUS Gear from Computex 2013

ASUS announced the VivoMouse at Computex 2013, which is an interesting combination of a wireless mouse and a circular touchpad that supports multi-touch gestures.
ASUS also announced two new MeMO Pad HD tablets, a 7-inch and a 10-inch model. You can read more about them in this B&H InDepth post.
There was plenty more from ASUS, including the Transformer Book Trio, which is capable of acting as a laptop and a tablet. It can run both Windows 8 and Android Jelly Bean (but it can't run Windows when in tablet mode). Most interestingly, it features two separate processors. Read more about it in this B&H InDepth post.  
Canon's New Lens and Firmware for the EOS-M

Although it's only slated for European release so far, Canon announced the new EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens this week, a wide angle zoom with built-in image stabilization that's compatible with the Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Digital Camera. Canon also announced new firmware for the EOS-M, which will make its AF speed 2.3 times faster. The new firmware is expected by the end of the month.

Tokina's New AT-X 12-28mm f/4 Wide Angle Zoom

This week also brought the announcement of the Tokina AT-X 12-28mm f/4 Constant Aperture Wide-Angle Zoom, which was designed for APS-C cameras, and provides a 35mm focal length equivalency of 19-45mm. It will be available with a Canon EF-S or a Nikon F mount.

New Advancements in Memory Card Technology

Eye-Fi announced the new Mobi SDHC card this week, which features built-in Wi-Fi. You can put it in any camera with an SD card slot, and it will wirelessly send the photos you take, to your smartphone or tablet. Since Wi-Fi is built into the card, the camera doesn't need to be Wi-Fi capable. Mobi is now available for preorder, in 16GB and 8GB capacities.


More news:

  • A Japanese company called Amulet introduced a CompactFlash card with built-in RAID. Read the full story over at PopPhoto.
  • Dell announced a new version of the XPS 27 all-in-one computer (pictured in the first image of this post), featuring Haswell processors and HD 4600 integrated video. Dell released two more desktop machines with Haswell processors: the XPS 8700 and the Alienware X51. You can read more about them at Dell's website.
  • Twitter's popular video-making mobile app, Vine, became available on Android. Here's the link.
  • A new sensor technology was announced that's 1000 times more sensitive to both visible and infrared light. You can read more about it at Mashable.

And that's your news for June 7, 2013. Be sure to follow all the consumer electronic news on B&H Pulse.