B&H Pulse Weekly News Round-Up: February 24th, 2012


This week in the news: PocketWizard announced their new Plus III Transceivers; SanDisk gets into the world of itty bitty memory chips; a flash that promises not to become your next deep fryer; word of a Flickr redesign; and Pentax's Q-Series cameras get some ultra-fast glass.

This is your B&H Pulse news feed for February 24, 2012.

PocketWizard's Plus III Transceivers Have Some Awesome New Features


Professional photographers that love PocketWizard's radio triggers were treated to a delightful new announcement this week, as the company outed their new Plus III Transceivers. These new triggers might not offer the TTL capabilities of the Flex and Mini, but they're still no slouches. Amongst the improvements are:

- Three-stage battery meter

- Internal antenna (contained inside the PW Plus III’s body)

- Backlit LCD screen for work in low-light surroundings

- Selective quad-zone triggering (for multiple wireless setups)

- USB port for upgrading firmware and changing custom settings

- Nikon screw-lock PC cords (work for Canon as well)

The PocketWizard Plus III will work with virtually every popular flash and DSLR camera system, and is compatible with all other PocketWizard radios (Sony users will need to use an adapter). It also fully communicates with PocketWizard-enabled gear such as Profoto, Dynalite, Norman and Photogenic flash systems, and Sekonic light meters.

The guys over at F-Stoppers not only have a review, but they also got lots of playtime with the new units. Check out the video below, and then head on over to B&H InDepth for another point of view.

SanDisk Stuffs 128GB onto 19nm of Chip


Think your iPod has lots of memory? Wait until you see what SanDisk has! According to Geek.com, the company has announced the world’s smallest 128Gb NAND flash memory chip, which uses a 19nm process and has a silicon die measuring just 170mm2. That's the same type of memory used in most Flash memory devices. Being this miniscule, who knows just how much memory they can cram into those little things!

The new chips are already shipping out to manufacturers who will be placing them into new products coming later this year.

They come at an excellent time too, with mobile apps becoming larger and larger in file size, on top of users in need of storage due to shooting and sharing photos and videos with their tablets and other mobile devices.

CineSquid Will Make Your Tripod Suck

How many of you own CineSkates? The creators of the popular tripod modification for HDSLR video shooters have done it again with their CineSquid Suction cups. When mounted onto a Gorillapod, they can help you to place your attached camera onto nearly any flat surface. That means that shooting in those awkward angles just got a whole lot easier.

As a photographer, I often mount my speedlites to a Gorillapod and place them anywhere I please. Strobists will get even more versatility now, and be able to place their lights nearly anywhere. As always, exercise caution.

Photography Bay has more on the new items.

Nissin's MG8000 Flash Will Give Off 1,000 Pops Without Overheating


This week, Nissin announced their new MG8000 flash. The lead selling point: The company promises that users will be able to get over 1,000 continuous pops without having the flash overheat. It is a response to photographers who demand faster recycling time for continuous shooting, such as sports photographers and photojournalists. Party and event photographers may even potentially become the life of the party, as they become a walking strobe light.

Maintaining its full guide number and a consistent output, the MG8000 recycles in 3 seconds for the first 200 shots, and then takes 5–7 seconds to recycle after that.

You can read more over at Amateur Photographer.

The Pentax Q Gets Some Super-Fast Glass


The Pentax Q is one really tiny camera. While there are a couple of lenses already available for it, Mirrorless Rumors broke the news of a brand new Sonnetar 25mm f1.1 lens for the new system. Coupled with the small sensor (that is still larger than a point and shoot's) users of the system will be able to get more bokeh in their shots, which seems to be a demand of many consumers these days.

Flickr's Redesign is Coming


We love Flickr. That's why we're excited about the redesign that will be coming. According to Pop Photo, Flickr's senior product manager Markus Spiering has promised a dramatic makeover for the web service, bringing it more in line with its modern competition. The service was the first major photo sharing service that photographers embraced for the social aspects of the community such as groups, galleries, discussion threads, etc.

Expect the changes to start rolling out on February 28th, starting with the photo view.

And that's your news for February 24th, 2012. Be sure to follow all the consumer electronic news you care about on B&H Pulse.