B&H Pulse Weekly News Roundup: August 3rd, 2012


This week in the news: Some new Apple news arrives in the form of upgrades for the MacBook Pro Retina, and a tasty new app; Fujifilm had a lot happening with them as well; Lenovo's new laptop might be just what your student is looking for, and more.

This is your B&H Photo Pulse News Roundup for August 3rd, 2012.

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New Options for MacBook Pro Retina Users

For those of us craving more pixels in our displays, Apple's MacBook Pro Retina Display Laptop now comes with more available options and configurations. Here is a quick breakdown from CNet (who has more on this):

- At 2.3GHz, you can get either 8GB or 16GB of RAM, plus a solid state hard drive of 256GB, 512GB, or 768GB. Other options include a USB SuperDrive and Thunderbolt Display.

- At 2.6 GHz or 2.7 GHz you can get a 512GB or 768GB hard drive. Other options include a USB SuperDrive and Thunderbolt Display.

Athentech's Perfectly Clear is Now Available for Android

Perfectly Clear is a very popular Adobe Lightroom plug-in. And users of the addition may be happy to know that they can now get their hands on it for their Android devices. For those not familiar with the plug-in, Perfectly Clear analyzes your images, and finds ways to beautify them through different color changes, sharpening, skin softening, etc. PMA International has a lot more details on the app that does exactly what Instagram doesn't.

Spider Arca-Swiss Clamp Announced

Spider, who is famous for the Spider Holster that is popular amongst many wedding photographers, has announced a new clamp.

The new clamp is designed to work with Arca-Swiss-style L brackets, so that photographers can use both their L Bracket and the Spider Holster.

There are more details over at Photography Bay.

Hulu Plus Comes to Apple TV

Apple TV recently received a Hulu Plus app quietly and under the radar of almost everyone. According to CNet, the app has been available on other major platforms for a while, such as xBox 360, Roku HD, PS3 and more.

In order to get it, though, your Mac Computer will need to have the latest operating system: Mountain Lion. That isn't a problem for most MacBook Pro Retina users.

Lenovo's New ThinkPad Gives More Ruggedness to Students

Lenovo is looking to target schools and students with their latest addition to their ThinkPad series of laptops. The ThinkPad X131e touts extreme ruggedness in an 11.6-inch form factor, while also offering users various different processor options.

Schools handing out the laptops to students will be glad to know that they can be customized to their liking—even with a little bit of the school's branding.

You can read more over at Engadget

Lots of News from Fujifilm

Here's a rundown of some of the latest news from Fujifilm:

- According to Brandon Remler, The Fujifilm X Pro 1 Diopter will receive interchangeability. The camera has special diopters that screw out, as opposed to being built in with a handy adjustment dial like a DSLR.

- Additionally, the X10 Ergonomic Kit is inbound. This will add a rangefinder-style thumbgrip similar to the old film advances, and a button to put into the shutter release.

- Guess what? A camera that can arguably be called a legend has been discontinued. Indeed, the X100 has been given a discontinuation notice this week.

And that's your news for August 3rd, 2012. Be sure to follow all the consumer electronic news you care about, on B&H Pulse.