B&H Pulse Weekly News Roundup: May 4th, 2012


This week in the news: Nvidia unveils the GeForce GTX 690 GPU; Flickr buddied up with Pinterest; new camera bags from Lowepro and Think Tank were announced, and more.

This is your B&H Photo Pulse News Roundup for May 4th, 2012.

NVIDIA's New High-End Cards for Desktop PCs

According to Geek.com, NVIDIA announced a new high-end graphics card for desktop PCs. The company claims that it is the world's fastest consumer graphics card.

So how does is size up, spec-wise? The card is characterized by two Kepler GPU cores, running at a base clock speed of 915MHz and 4GB of on-board 512-bit GDDR5 memory. If you're a PC Gamer, that will essentially double your frame rate when you're playing the latest offerings from companies like Valve, Activision or Blizzard online. Of course, that also depends on your connection speed; but it's nice to know that your capabilities are greatly boosted.

You can click the link to the Geek.com article above to read more—especially about how it deals with heat.

Lensbaby's New Pro Effects Kit

If you're looking for new creative tools to use with your DSLR, Lensbaby announced their new Pro Effects Kit. The accessories, which hit home at $750 total, include a slew of products.

In the kit are:

- Composer Pro

- Sweet 35 Optic

- Edge 80 portrait optic

- Macro Converters

- Cleaning Cloth

- System bag

The set is only available for Canon and Nikon DSLRs at the moment, but they will probably get into the mirrorless camera market soon.

You can read more, over at Pop Photo.

Flickr and Pinterest Decide to Sit in a Tree Together

Despite butting heads a bit previously, Flickr and Pinterest seem to have made up.

This is evident in the fact that Flickr now allows users to share their photos via the popular service. To do this, you'll simply need to go to a photo, click on share, then share this via..., and then choose the service.

Of course, for best results you'll first need to enable sharing via your Flickr settings, and if you want to share your own photos on your own Pinterest, you should have your own Pinterest account, and be logged in.

By the way, you can follow us on both Flickr and Pinterest.

This news comes via The Verge.

Lowepro and Think Tank Have New Camera Bags

Both Lowepro and Think Tank Photo have announced new camera bags this week. The latest offerings from both companies target different users with very different needs.

For example, Lowepro's new Urban Photo Sling provides a lot of versatility. The bag can be worn behind you, in front of you, or on the side, due to the design.

The 250 version is actually able to hold quite a bit of gear as well. If you want, you can stuff a DSLR with an attached 70-200mm lens (without a grip); 2 extra lenses, or a flash and 1 lens; a tablet and more.

Of course, there are also smaller offerings. You can read more about those at PMA.

Think Tank, on the other hand, catered towards those that love big backpacks with wheels.

The new bags are coined:  Airport Accelerator, Airport Commuter, and Airport Essentials.

Airport Accelerator is the largest of the trio, and holds a duo of pro size DSLRs, six to eight standard zoom lenses, a massive telephoto prime lens, an iPad, and up to a 17” laptop.

You can read more about these items at Photography Bay.

And that's your news for April 27th, 2012. Be sure to follow all the consumer electronic news you care about, on B&H Pulse.