Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM


According to Canon, the new Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM is 8% lighter and measurably faster than its predecessor, with improved image-stabilization characteristics, which should capture the attention of sports and action shooters alike.

The Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM lens is expected to be available in December, 2010, for an approximate retail price of $7,000. The lens is a fast, high performance fixed focal length telephoto that incorporates Fluorite glass elements, Fluorine and other advanced coatings and an advanced 3-mode image stabilization system designed to better guarantee sharp imagery regardless of where you're shooting, what you're shooting or whether the lens is handheld or mounted on a tripod. The new Canon EF 300 f/2.8L IS II USM contains 16 Fluorite elements in 12 groups, rear drop-in filters (52mm), USM focusing motors, and close focusing down to 6.6' (2m).

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Canon is ripping us off!

 Boycott their Luxury" lenses until

they stop playing games. 

It seems to me that the cost of the older 300 mm f/2.8 will begin to drop now that the newer model is out. Sure the generation II may provide some improvement but as the one photographer noted the earlier model has produced professional results for years and years.

For those of us who are used to growing up with hand me downs getting the older generation model is pretty good for those of us who have dreamed to have even a generation I 300mm 2.8, so that is my goal for now.

I have shot with a $250 quantaray 70-300mm for the last 4 years and have been disappointed at times once I got home and processed my images for . But once the price drops a little on the old model and I save some money up Lord willing I am going to get a generation 1 300mm 2.8 and take the best images I have ever taken.

So I hope the best for those who can buy the newer model, but it is just not a feasible investment for me at this point. Although I am more than willing to test one out in the field and write a review on the results for any sponsor that may be interested. But to pay $7,000 while we are raising a family is not possible for many photographers whether they are professional or not.

Rather have a 1D instead, and keep my curent 300mm. The current 2.8/300 provides and has been providing Professional results for years and years. The Pricing Structure for this lens will hover for a short spell around the $7000 range til Canon and free market influences correct the market on them.

It would seem to me a better approach to stay with the Canon price disclosure(which is nothing) at this point than to make people think your corporation is an opportunistic price gouger.

I wonder What Canon's line on the Price range of this lens is?

The price will drop as soon as the old version is sold out. You have seen the same with the 70-200 F2.8 IS II, when it came on the market the price was 2900 euro, cost now 1800 euro. 200 euro more as the older version. And the yen cost a lot these days...

Canon knows that one photographer wants every edge over the next. Its like throwing a potato chip in a pen full of starving chickens.

No way, when the chips are available, will I get in that $7000 pen!!!!!!!

Chicken s#*t

Until you use a Canon super telephoto lens, you will complain about the price. Although they are a bit heavy, these lens are super fast and accurate.

Start saving your pennies.

$7,000 is ridiculous.   I bet it takes outstanding images, but the price range is way out of reach for most people.  What a shame...

i'll get a copy if this thing is retail below $5k. i'm not a pro so paying close to the suggested retail price will be stupid on my part. maybe there are pricing it only for the people who want to maintain their pro status.

 Be grateful guys just seen the UK retail price and its over $12,000

My guess is that the pricing will start here ($7,000) and fall once the dealer  inventory of new Mk I versions has been cleaned out.  They can in effect protect their dealer channel this way.  Canon can skim the top of the "have the best at any price" customer first in the meantime, and then drop to price to gain wider acceptance in a year.  My guess is that this lens will be retailing at somewhere around $5,000 in a year - just a guess.  They can do this with lenses since there is really no competition other than their own 300 Mk I.  Note that this is different with cameras - the 5D MkIII will need to compete with Nikon offerings at the time it is introduced.  

Realistically, the 300 will probably retail  lower.  Press retails are usually high.

The pricing must reflect the 16 flurite crystal elements in its construction.  Yes, 16 of them.  I don't know how many months it takes to grow enough for 1 lens, but I think pricing is relative.  Some who value the best will undoubtedly buy it outright, while those of us who cannot afford it will snatch up all the "old" version 1 glass at lower prices.

Obviously, real-world testing will determine if the price tag will be worth it, but first-adopter will always pay the price.

Just my opinion.

Geez, I hope I can save enough $ to buy the old one before they are all gone!

I agree with the comments about had to justify the price.  I am looking to buy my first 300 and cannot imagine how the benefit of this lens can be justifiable to me who shoots a 7d and looking to buy the next 5d mark lll.

Cool!  I can't wait to get my greedy paws on a used 300 mark 1, when they flood the market.... in 2020!!!

Ok ok, we're being nasty... Better sensors create a need for better lens... If Canon wants to stay no1, and sell, say, 30+ megapixel cameras in a few years, they probably need these better lens...

But it sounds like "L" will be less and less within the reach of prosumers like me!


$7K??!!!! What's up with the value of glass to $$$ ratio going thru the roof while the economy is sinking like the Titanic? l'll just stick to my old L Lenses...

The specs on this lens make me wish I could get one today.  The price does reflect the declining value of the dollar, a complex matter Canon had to consider when pricing these new L lenses.   Shouldn't the focus of your anger should be directed at Washington & Wall Street rather than at Canon?

The minimum focus distance moved from 8.2' down to 6.6' which is pretty darn impressive.  I'd love to get my hands on one of these to compare it to the build quality of the old one as well.  Plus, 8% lighter may not sound like a lot but I bet it will make a huge difference.

 I am certain Canon put a lot of time and effort into perfecting an already great product.

I don't know how much improvement there could be on the Mk1; we'll see, as the reviews come out.

$7K is a lot of ch-ching but if the lens is worth it, we'll all come around. That is as long as average house prices do not dip below the cost of the new generation Canon L glass

Canon's prices for professionals are so unfair! they and Nikon abuse their monopoly. It especially hurts during times of crisis such as now.

I have little doubt that this lens will set a new quality and performance standard in the Canon line-up, much as the original did when it was first released. There appear to be several notable improvements that many will appreciate and there are no doubt still some in this economy who will be able to justify a $7K price tag. For the professional who seeks to make a living shooting long glass, I fear few will be able to derive a return on investment at this price level (the photos and/or keeper rate are not going to be twice as good).  As a Canon retailer that I value greatly, I urge B&H to share what I believe is a very strong and universal sentiment from the user community that the price on this lens and the others recently announced are beyond reasonable. As an owner of 2 pro bodies and a full suite of L glass I find myself really angry with Canon for the first time. I have too great an investment with Canon to seriously consider switching but I am often asked my opinion about the merits of each system. If these prices prevail at the time of launch I will cease to recommend Canon to others.

$7k!!! I was having trouble convincing my wife to let me spend $4,500 on the original. For $7k I could get the original and a 5D Mk II. I bet the 1Ds Mk IV will be $10k. Pretty soon the entry level "L" will run $2k. Better quality is great but not when the price nearly doubles.

I am literally boycotting canon L products.  They need to lower their prices--period.

I used to be a fan, but they lost my respect--especially in such bad economic times

like this.  "Greed is not good"

add an engine and wheels and maybe I can convince my wife to let me buy one!

I'm sure that this lens would substantially differ from the original 300mm which was built in the 90s. It's a much welcome upgrade, similar to the 70-200 IS which added the Version II... Hoping that all other accessories (circular polarizer 52mm, Ext 1.4, 2.0 II) can work with this new lens!

All of you say that, but you'll be looking under your Christmas tree like little kids JUST IN CASE someone plays Santa. 

$7, 000?    :-))   &%^^%$!!!  I bet it is crazy sharp.  But it's for the true pros. 

I am most certain that this lens is amazing. However, how can Canon justify its asking price? Seven-thousand dollars is a bit ambitious in my estimation. As a Canon user, I have come to embrace the price/quality ratio of their products. This however is ridiculous. At this price point, I am certain that this new lense will not be flying off the shelves any time soon.

I'm sure the bank would understand if I missed a couple of mortgage payments!

How can they justify these prices!!

Too much $ for this economy!  The current 300mm is a great lens for half the price.  What's up with this?

$7000 ! I could just buy the Canon 400mm IS 2.8 version 1 for that much. jezz!