Canon EOS 7D


From reportage to wedding photography, still and moving images command equal power in our lives. As the way we consume information changes, our methods of collecting and creating content must evolve as well. The EOS 7D stands out as a powerful tool for capturing professional-quality photos and video.

Expand your 7D video tool kit with the Zacuto Z-Finder and lens adapters.

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David: I really appreciated your comments on the EOS 7D, particularly the instruction on optimum shutter speeds. Am I correct that one should typically select the shutter speed in Manual mode, adjust the aperture to suit the required Depth of Field and set the ISO to automatic? I'm using the camera for nature photography - for example woodpeckers, using Canon's 400mm zoom. I'm thinking high definition at 60 frames per second would also be a good choice.



I just bought this camera and my dear Lord am I ever impressed by it. I shoot on 5D MK II's and don't get me wrong I love my 5DII's but this camera is just so much fun and it is heavier and even sturdier then the 5D MK II.