Carl Zeiss 25mm/f2.8 Distagon ZF.2


Carl Zeiss recently released an update of one of its long-respected wide-angle optics, the Carl Zeiss 25mm/f2.8 Distagon ZF.2. Based on a classic Zeiss Distagon optical formula first introduced back in 1961, the new ZF.2 update is designed for use on Nikon (D)SLRs.

Unlike the previous-generation 25mm/f2.8 Distagon, the ZF.2 version contains an electronic interface (CPU) that supports all exposure modes (Shutter priority, Aperture priority, Program and Manual) and allows for full data display in the camera finder.

The Zeiss 25mm/f2.8 Distagon ZF.2 can be used on both full-frame and DX-format (APS-C) compact DSLRs from Nikon as well as with older-style Nikon bodies lacking AI-coupling levers. The lens's 80-degree field of view guarantees dramatic perspectives, especially when used at its rather close 6.7" (0.17m) minimum focus distance.

Note: When mounted on a Nikon compact DSLR body, the lens is equivalent to a 37.5mm lens with a 60-degree angle of view.

Strictly manual focus, this series of Zeiss lenses has proved to be quite popular among shooters using Nikon DSLRs to shoot video, due to its extreme sharpness and focusing characteristics.

The Zeiss 25mm/f2.8 Distagon ZF.2 contains 10 elements in eight groups, accepts 58mm filters, weighs in at 16.9" (480g), and measures a respectable 3.5" (90mm) including caps. And based on its predecessors, it should display levels of bokeh over which photo enthusiasts go gaga.

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Is this new 25/2.8 ZF.2 featuring a new optics which is different from the old ZF one or just sticking a CPU onto it?

Would like to know if it is compatable with the D200 and of course price.

Regards Allan

I would be interested in this lens if it works with either a D300 or D700.. I have several Zeiss lenses I use on my Hasselblad and always liked them.