Clean, Comfy Shooting: Blue Star Eyecushions for Video


It was a couple of hours into a day-long shoot. It was hot out, and to say that we were sweating would be putting it lightly. Being a pretty barebones shoot, we were passing the video camera around quite a bit. Many a sweaty eyeball was pressed up against that poor viewfinder. As I strained to look through the slippery sweat-covered eyecup, it occurred to me that this might not be all that sanitary.

The engineers at Blue Star must have been pondering the same idea when they created their line of disposable viewfinder eyecushions (also known in some circles as eyecup chamois) for video cameras. 

They fit right over the viewfinder, protecting you from the previous visits of potentially unsanitary eyeballs, and they also wick away perspiration and reduce fogging of the viewfinder, all while making everything much more comfortable for the camera operator.  

The eyecups are made from hypoallergenic foam, and are covered in a choice of genuine lambskin, synthetic microfiber or even fleece for use in colder temperatures. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost any camera, and are available in a selection of cool colors, which is useful to help you identify your own eyecushion when sharing a viewfinder. 

I try to keep a couple pairs handy for shooting with my own cameras. When working with rental equipment, these eyecushions have become invaluable to me as an additional line of protection from bacteria and other ocular discharge that I’d rather not think about . 

Blue Star eyecups are available in Oval (small, large, long) and Round (Small, large, extra large).

Click here for a sizing chart to help you find the correct eyecushions for your camera. 

The verifiable truth is that using Blue Star eyecushions makes sighting through the viewfinder much more comfortable, eases eye strain, and allows you to shoot without having to worry about who came to the eyecup before you.

Do you have any experience with this product? Feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below, and happy (healthy) shooting!

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My error—I should have realized that Blue Star makes those dedicated eyecushions for video camcorders, not for DSLRs that also shoot video. I did check on the B&H website for accessory eyepieces for the GH-1, and unfortunately, have been unable to locate any.

I just got an answer from Blue Star about the GH1:

"Sorry, we only supply the "bigger" picture cameras; I don't even know if one can be made to fit this little ity bitty one you are asking about!!


 I have an HVX 200, and for filming in Egypt and the Middle east we made our own from chamois. Hand stitched and all leather they are washable and last and last! Had they been available to fit this cam, we would have bought them - but needs must. Be careful of multi-users as they can transfer eye infections! 


I can't seem to find the appropriate eye cushion for the Panasonic GH-1, but here's a link to Blue Star's spread sheet: If you don't find your camera on the list, contact Blue Star and they can probably recommend the correct model for you pretty quickly. 

Would any of these fit a Panasonic GH1?