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You've probably seen those adventure reality shows where people like Bear Grylls, Les Stroud, and other daredevils find themselves in one perilous situation after another. Sometimes you wonder how they will make it to safety. But even more often you wonder how they were able to capture such footage in the first place. Sometimes the footage is captured by an equally nutty cameraman, but quite often the footage is captured using something like Drift Innovation's X170 Action Camera.

While it would be nice to have your own personal cameraman follow your every move, or even have an entire film crew at your disposal, you can get comparatively good results on your own, for not a lot of money, with the X170. TheX170 is a rugged, general-purpose helmet camera that comes with various attachments including a helmet grip, handlebar grip, goggle mount, head strap, hook and loop fastener strap, and a universal mount. These attachments let you mount the camera pretty much anywhere you like and capture video and still photos in the most precarious situations. And don’t worry about a little water ruining your fun because the X170 is waterproof to half a meter.

The X170 Action Camera captures video at 720 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second and you can shoot in either 4:3 or 16:9 formats; you can also capture 5-megapixel still images. The camera also records audio thanks to its built-in microphone. The X170’s 170-degree wide-angle lens can be rotated 300 degrees in order to obtain a level image regardless of how the camera is mounted. A 1.5-inch color LCD and built-in speaker lets you review any footage you’ve captured. An AV cable is included for playback on a TV set, and a USB cable is included for downloading to a computer.

TheX170 can be operated either from the controls on the camera or using a wrist-mounted wireless remote control that works at distances up to 5 meters away. That will come in handy if you want to mount the camera on the roll cage of a dune buggy, on the front fork of a motorcycle down near the ground, or any other location that makes it impossible to reach the camera.

 Drift X170 Action Sports CameraWhile the X170’s built-in memory totals only 32MB, the camera also accepts SD memory cards up to 16GB. Powered by two AA batteries, the camera weighs about 4-1/2 ounces. It costs $200. The next time you brag to friends about your most recent thrills and spills, you'll be able to show them video that backs up your claims.

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Cool unit but I would pass on the remote and pay marginally more to get the high def resolution that comes on the ContourHD from Vholdr.

I have one that I use for skiing, to be able to go back and enjoy viewing my runs after the snow melts.

The main problem is that it is rather large.  There are other systems on the market that are quite a bit smaller.  With today's technology, there is no reason that it couldn't be configured in a less conspicuous package.

When I ski at regular area with other people around, it gets noticed.  It is very obvious when mounted on the side of my helmet.  I get asked a lot of questions.  Fortunately, most of the questions are friendly.  This is nice if you crave attention, but I would rather spend my time skiing. 

However, some questions are less friendly.  I was once accused (fortunately, not too agressively, and somewhat indirectly) of trying to take pictures of some small children without permission.  (This could have had some serious implications, for obvious reasons.)  I hadn't even noticed the kids.  My only intent was to record my skiing adventures. This kind of thing can happen when you try to do any kind of photography using too conspicuous equipment or in too conspicous a manner.  People can get upset if they think you are trying to photograph them without permission, even if they are unjustified in their suspicion.

Another problem is that the audio is quite weak, even when turned up all the way, it  It doesn't capture conversations with the other people with me.

I am going to look for a less conspicous system that doesn't show such a large profile on the side of my helmet.

Is it bug proof? I want to use it on the next motorcycle ride!


Wireless control

LCD screen

AA batteries

$169 price

Good variety of ncluded mounts


Waterproof? half meter is not waterproof enough for whitewater or even snorkeling.

No HD - becoming very common now on other helmet cams.

If you want a real waterproof helmet cam get a GoPro from B&H. They are waterproof to 100', easy to operate with beeps and lights, take very nice 1080p (plus other formats) video for this size camera and interval stills. You will pay more but well worth it.

Marc: Your reply to Paul kind of missed the point. Even though it wouldn't be so hard to use the B&H site to do the search on his own, he was asking for you guys to do that leg work and to just list a couple of similar products.  As I'm also a lazy guy, I would find (would have found) that helpful as well.

p.s. Congrats on your new job... and kudos to whoever designed the Insights logo.

I like the insights, but you should be able to make one click and get to the B&H site to order it.

how does this camera do in the darker situations? and what about focus? how close and far?

I remember seeing a similar item on the B&H site a  while ago. Can you post some items, that this can be compared to?

This is an awesome camera and amazing value for the price. We just bought a 2nd one for our kids. The remote control and the LCD screen are really great and the ease of use with mounts is just fantastic.

Great product. Thank you!