Digital Backdrops from Savage


Seamless backdrop paper has long been a staple of studio photography. So have muslin backdrops, painted backdrops and other materials that can be rolled up or rolled out as needed. But they also take up room, ultimately need to be replaced, and if you're limited to a few choices, can get old and boring rather quickly. So if you're getting tired of the same old look, or if your client wants something different, you might be interested in Savage Digital Backgrounds

 Available in a choice of 12 themes - Baby/Child/Teen, Brush Stroke, Crushed Muslin, Floral, Grunge, Holiday, Pro Studio Series 1, Retro, Washed Muslin, Gradient, Old World Muslin and Outdoor Scenic, Savage Digital Backdrops offer you literally hundreds of background options for studio applications. 


Each Savage Digital Background set contains a CD that includes 48 300dpi, 2400 x 3000 variations of your chosen theme that can be electronically dropped into your portrait, product shot or any other studio shot taken against a green (or blue) screen background. And if one doesn't do the trick for you or your client, you can simply replace it with another, with little effort and at no additional cost.

In addition to a background CD, each Savage Digital Background pack includes five free tutorial videos for incorporating digital backgrounds into Photoshop, Adobe Elements and FXhome Photo Key image editing applications.

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If these are jpeg images, they should be able to be used with green screen video and the right video editing program.  Wierd size though.

What type of jpeg? Standard, baseline or  Progressive?

Any way of trying one (background) to see (demo)?

I have gotten one.  The images are of good quality and the tutorials useful. 

• Has anyone used this with "the gimp" ? (gnu image manipulation program)?

These would work perfectly with GIMP or any other graphic application capable of using .jpeg files

 • Can this product be used in a video interview using final cut editing by Apple?  

Yes, essentially any program capable of using .jpeg files can use these Digital Backgrounds.

40$ for set  of color gradient with funny resolution 2400x3000 - are you kidding?

So let me get this straight, I use cs5 and you can just drop it in on top of the green screen shot in jpeg since it is easy to pull or cut the subject out?

Do they make this product available in a format that folks with Apple computers can use 

The big questions are,

01)  What format are the background files available in?

02)  Do I have to use special (additional) software to view and control the files?

JPEG would be nice.  :-)

The BH catalog advertisement is silent.


I don't think they are meant for videos.

Can this product be used in a video interview using final cut editing by Apple?   thanks les finke