Double Takes


Separated at Birth was a popular column in the 1980s magazine, Spy, which paired photos of celebrities in uncanny ways. But people’s faces have no monopoly on similitude. A product may also bear a striking resemblance to something entirely unrelated. As you browse through the hundreds of thousands of items offered by B&H, it’s easy to imagine what might have motivated a particular product designer. Here are some suggestions, with the actual product on the left and its possible inspiration on the right.

Broncolor Nano 2 Power Pack                                              Kitchen Grater

ProScope Mobile with 30N Lens                                                Asthma Inhaler

LaCie CurrenKey Flash Drive                                              Chocolate Chanukah Gelt (by Muffet)

Morris 5 Piece Color Filter Set                                                Lifesavers Variety Bag (Via

Carson VM-14 VisorMag                                                        The Invisible Man

Bowens Jet Stream Wind Machine Fan                             Jet Engine (Photo by Mark Hillary CC-BY)

Arkay RG-1806 (Left hand) Eye Wash Station                        Bicycle Handlebars


iRiver Lanyard Necklace for Audio Players                        Stacks of Pillowcases (By Jek in the Box)

Acme Made Smart Laptop Sleeve                                       You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy.

MTX DUO Wireless Speaker Floor Lamp                          Olympics Torch (Via Inhabitat)

Jamo Rock Bass Reflex, Outdoor speaker (Granite)       Pet Rock (Via Wikihow)


Sannheiser MX 371 Stereo Earbuds            Snake Charmer

Blue Yeti Pro                                                                                 Oscar Meyer

Manfrotto Retractable Spiked Foot Set                                  Chess Piece Wine Cork

 Focal Press Book: Pet Photography 101                             Albert Einstein

K-Tek KR-SFT-ZEPP Basket Windshield System                   Paint Roller

        Atlas Sound ATS183GL8 Tall Base Garden speaker        Android Logo

Samsung UF-130ST High Definition Digital Presenter    Hamilton Beach Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer

Apex Bean Bag stabilizer with LensCoat                           Denim shorts

Primacoustic Twist In Cloud Anchors                                Baby Pacifier (Via Willington and Wenks)


Lol here's smthg similar but with the cat!

I actually did a Double Take when I first saw your headshot Michael. I thought it was a picture frame for a second there.